Sellers are paying attention: What are American consumers buying while they stay at home? (1)

As retailers, the most important thing in doing business is to maintain a keen sense of the market. Through the current purchase data and consumption trends of American consumers, analyze the hot products in the current market, so as to seize the market opportunities early.

The development of the COVID-19 has forced many people to stay at home, and people’s daily lives have undergone tremendous changes, as has their consumption behavior. Let’s share with you below, the latest wholesale hot items on FashionTIY, I hope to help sellers and retailers understand the current consumer trends and developing product selection ideas!

Remote working, the equipment can not be a little careless

For remote working, if you want to do a good job, you must first complete the office equipment, keyboard, mouse, etc, no less. The top three devices are:

  1. Keyboard (up 140%)

  2. Computer cables and connectors (up 120%)

  3. Mouse (up 100%)

When you attend a video conference, you must make a beautiful or handsome hairstyle

  1. Men Hair Styler Multifunctional Hairstyling Comb (up 255%)

  2. Hair Straightener (up 150%)

  3. Hair Curler (up 145%)

The nemesis of boring home life, the rapid growth of electronic entertainment products

Stay at home and make your life colorful! Sales of electronic products and accessories soared. The tightest products are:

  1. Mini Bluetooth Waterproof HD Wireless Speaker (up 1395%)

  2. High-Definition Portable Projector Screen (up 765%)

  3. Bluetooth Wireless Game Console Gamepad (up 280)

  4. LED Night Light Star Light Colorful Romantic Sky Stars Projector (up 220%)

  5. Audio Earphone Jack Adapter (up 110%)

  6. Headphones (up 90%)

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