Hottest Household Products Coming, Beach Towel, Cooling Fan Bucked The Trend, the Retail Market in 2020 still has Hope!

According to FashionTIY‘s June-July wholesale Sales and Google Trends, this article recommends 5 hottest and trend Household Products. If retailers wondering about product selection, we will help you understand the current consumer demand and market trends.

Retailers can only do business well if they truly understand consumer demand and current market trends. Although the retail industry has suffered a severe blow by COVID-19 since the beginning of 2020, the following 5 products are expected to become the hope of retailers in the second half of 2020.

Beach Towel

[Beach Towel]( towl) has become the Top 2 popular beach product after swimwear with the arrival of summer and the reopening of beaches. We can see that the search volume of the Beach Towel has been high in the past 30 days on Google Trends, and the peak is from May to August each year. Therefore, now is the time for retailers to wholesalers Beach Towel.

FashionTIY updates daily the Newest Beach Towel according to the latest trends. Fast Dry Portable Towel as well as Shawl Printing, etc. Different sizes and patterns to meet your retail needs.

Wholesale price range: $0.99–$9.19.

Shower Head

It can be concluded from Google Trends that there is no doubt the sales of Shower Head in the United States are increasing year by year, and it is a niche market. If you want to choose home or bathroom product retail but don’t know where to start, Shower Head is a very good target product.

The wholesale price of FashionTIY’s Shower Head is 30%-70% cheaper, and the flexible price range allows the price to decrease as the wholesale volume increases. So as to help retailers obtain greater profit margins.

Wholesale price range: $1.59–$5.63.

Mini Refrigerator

Mini refrigerators have always been very popular in the retail market but also have obvious seasonality. From the picture, we can also see that the search value of mini refrigerators reached a climax in August each year. This also presents the high wholesale volume of mini-refrigerators in FashionTIY now.

Mini refrigerators with a high wholesale index in FashionTIY are very convenient whether they are used as a minibar or put in the car. Once became the category with the most wholesale volume of FashionTIY in June.

Wholesale price range: $11.21–$26.91.

Cooling Fan

In the hot summer, how can lack Cooling Fan that brings the slightest coolness? Cooling Fan data images are also very interesting in Google Trends just like rolling hills. It is at the peak position in June and until September every year. Which also shows how big the market demand for Cooling Fan is.

Retailers not only can wholesale the Desktop Mini Spray USB Charge Cooling Fan but Portable Mini Fan also available in FashionTIY. Which convenient for consumers to carry when going out. Really a life-saving medicine in the hot summer.

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Wholesale price range: $2.34–$10.92.


End of the summer, dry autumn is coming. Contrary to Cooling Fan, Humidifier ushered in an explosive period in the retail market from November to December. It can be easily imagined that the dry weather in autumn and indoor heating, so Humidifier has been the peak period of retail from October to December.

But it is worth noting that in the past 30 days, Humidifier’s search index is also high, and its humid water vapor can also bring coolness to the hot summer, which may be the reason for its popularity.

FashionTIY’s Humidifier wholesale does not have strict MOQ limit and supports one order mixed batch, thereby helping retailers to ease the pressure of capital turnover and inventory pressure.

Wholesale price range: $2.14–$4.94.

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