How Choose The Right Location For Your Women Fashion Clothing Store?

How to choose the right location for your women’s fashion clothing store? Please follow these 3 principles to help you achieve profitability.

  • Find the Right Positioning for Women’s Fashion Clothing Stores;

  • Choose Populated Areas & High Flow Principle;

  • Choose Good Neighborhoods near your Women Fashion Clothing Store;

The location selection is crucial for women fashion clothing stores, which is related to whether the clothing store can have a good source of customers and affects the future operation of the women fashion clothing store.

Therefore, whether it is an independent fashion store for women clothing or a franchise for women fashion clothing brand, location selection is a crucial step. So, how can women clothing retailers choose a good store location when opening a women fashion clothing store? What are the principles for choosing a location for women fashion clothing store?

Find the Right Positioning for Women Fashion Clothing Stores

Women fashion clothing stores must be located in crowded places with dense crowd flow, such as communities, office buildings, schools, or large commercial centers. But this does not mean that the women fashion clothing store has a large number of consumers. This is why women clothing retailer did market research –selling clothing worn by beautiful women aged 50 to 60 near the school necessarily attracts mismatch consumers.

The positioning of women fashion clothing stores is very important. It is also important whether the surrounding people support this positioning. The example given above may be extreme, but if the positioning is misaligned, it will inevitably lead to the problem that the flow of people cannot be converted into customers. Only by combining the positioning of the women fashion clothing stores and the surrounding people can sales be maximized.

Women fashion clothing store is the easiest to locate near office buildings and schools because the characteristics of the target group are very obvious. If it is in a place such as a community, a station, or a business center, women clothing retailers should investigate and research whether the women group is dominant in the flow of people, which age group of women is dominant, and which consumption level of women is dominant. In this way, the positioning of the women fashion clothing store is naturally clear.

It does not matter if the women clothing retailers choose to open a store after positioning. Which women age group does the clothing style to choose? How high is the spending power? According to this goal, choose the location of the women fashion clothing store can also achieve a multiplier effect.

Choose Populated Areas & High Flow Principle

This principle is suitable for the women fashion clothing store that locates the public place and the populated areas.

Women clothing retailers can count the number of people who flow in the morning, afternoon, and evening at their chosen location. Among these people, how many students, office workers, and housewives who have strong purchasing power? It is best to choose one day each week for statistics so that the data obtained will be more accurate and make scientific decisions for our location selection.

If there is a lack of a more high flow population, it is not suitable to open a women fashion clothing store. Although it is sometimes possible to open stores in newly-built areas and sell them exclusively, it is often difficult to support the daily operations of the store due to fewer customers.

Choose Good Neighborhoods near the Women Fashion Clothing Store

The retailer opens the women fashion clothing store needs to choose neighbors, not opponents. Choose stores that are similar to clothing products, such as bridal shops, dry cleaners, or large supermarkets. These places are populated areas, and people who visit these places will also be easily attracted by your women fashion clothing store, it is not difficult to want a prosperous business.

For example, one of the customers of FashionTIY opened the first women fashion clothing store in New York, his clothing brand like most new brands had no visibility and did not have so much money to be renovated. The method he adopted was to open a store next to a big brand in the middle and high-end women’s clothing street, operate distinctive women’s clothing, and decorate the characteristic style with limited money. Of course, the pricing is on par with the big brands

With its own characteristics, it is in the face of big brands to enhance their image. In the first year of his women fashion clothing store, its profit greatly exceeded expectations.

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