10 Common E-commerce Mistakes Made By Retailers When Running Beauty Online Stores. (and How to Avoid)

This article will discuss in detail 10 common e-commerce mistakes of beauty retailer, and show you how to avoid and solve them.

Many beauty retailers are engaged in beauty online store operations from scratch, and it is inevitable to make mistakes after step by step exploration. The most frightening thing is making a big mistake that prevents the beauty retail business from continuing.

IIn order to reduce the risk of beauty retailers making mistakes, this article summarizes the top 10 e-commerce mistakes that beauty retailers often make when operating beauty online stores and how to avoid them!

Insufficient Market Research and No Consideration of Positioning

Many beauty retailers open beauty online stores, it is always easy to want to sell all products to consumers, completely unaware of the importance of determining the positioning of beauty online stores, resulting in too many types of products in the beauty online store is too cluttered.

For the new beauty online store, accurate positioning plus explosive products are the way to survive.

To delusions sell all products to consumers will only make your beauty online store leave the image of “not knowing what to sell” and “no impression” in the eyes of consumers, which is also fatal to the new beauty online store.

First of all, beauty retailers should make clear positioning of beauty online stores and fully conduct market research, including product profit and market saturation, etc. This is extremely important in the increasingly competitive beauty industry.

No Cooperation with Trustworthy Beauty Wholesale Suppliers

Many beauty retailers know that running an online beauty store the important part is the supply of beauty products, so it is particularly important to find a trusted wholesale supplier of beauty products. A good wholesale supplier not only provides you with high-quality beauty products and competitive wholesale prices, thus determining the reputation and economic profit of your online beauty store.

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The Wrong E-commerce Platform System

Choosing the wrong e-commerce platform is another common mistake made by beauty retailers. The e-commerce platform you choose can make or break your online beauty business. Your e-commerce platform will affect the way you display merchandise, attract and sell to consumers as well as expand beauty online stores over time.

By ensuring that your e-commerce platform has all the tools and functions you may need to avoid this common e-commerce mistake. This will provide you with appropriate control and custom levels to develop and market your online beauty business. Please take the time to explore different platforms and understand their products before making a choice.

Product Content Description is not Detailed

Copying the manufacturer’s instructions verbatim is one of the e-commerce mistakes that many beauty retailers often make. These manufacturers do not write their own detailed product descriptions but try to show how the products can benefit potential consumers. It will make consumers hard to familiar with your products. These boring descriptions have no value to consumers.

Instead, a good marketing strategy is to write detailed and rich product descriptions for each beauty product page. Such as materials, sizes, colors, weights, features, etc. That will explain why beauty products are excellent, how to benefit consumers, and how to solve consumers’ problems.

Defective Product Photography

Defective product photography is another common e-commerce mistake that many novice retailers make when opening online beauty stores. If the product pictures want to attract people, the best way is to take real pictures, only through the real shot product pictures can better display the product itself.

At the same time, the picture itself must be clear, including clear pictures of primary and secondary.(2 million to 3 million pixels) In addition, the picture should not be too dazzling, otherwise, it will bring high expectations to consumers, and once consumers receive the physical products that fail to meet their expectations, it is easy to give unsatisfactory comments.

Instead, a good e-commerce strategy will use bright, attractive, and detailed visual effects to truly show how wonderful your product is. Taking high-quality photos of the product with a high-quality camera will help beauty retailers easily avoid this common e-commerce mistake.

Lower Website Security

Trust is the lifeblood of e-commerce. 30% of online shoppers said they gave up their shopping cart because they did not trust the site for credit card information.

However, many beauty retailers make this common e-commerce mistake when operating beauty online stores, that is, they do not set clear trust indicators on their online stores. Customers need this assurance to believe that the website is safe and will protect their sensitive data.

Beauty retailers can avoid this e-commerce mistakes through strong website security. Make sure to use encryption on the site to protect customer information, and your beauty online store on the e-commerce platform has SSL encryption for online payments. Beauty retailers can also display trust badges from different payment gateways (such as Visa and PayPal) to enhance consumer confidence.

Complex Payment Process

The complicated checkout process is another e-commerce mistake often made by beauty retailers. This also one of the reasons why many beauty retailers see abandoned shopping carts.

It is very important to simplify the payment process of online beauty stores as much as possible. Once a customer has decided to pay, your job is to get them to transfer money as quickly as possible and to avoid this common e-commerce mistake by minimizing the pause in case they hesitate to purchase.

A good conversion strategy is to remove any unnecessary navigation bar loading time, fill out the information form as simple as possible, provide as many payment methods as possible, and ensure that shipping and tariff costs are clearly displayed. And to ensure that the content of the shopping cart and its total number are clearly displayed on the page to reduce the need for customers to leave the payment page.

Wrong SEO

For online beauty stores, the wrong SEO may be a costly e-commerce marketing mistake. Ranking and exposure are the keys to online beauty store sales. If the listing does not exist in the sight of target customers, then it also means that the possibility of being clicked or purchased is lost.

Beauty retailers can solve this common e-commerce mistake by implementing good SEO strategies and attract more natural search engine traffic for your online beauty store. Such as continuous optimization of keywords in terms of title, short description, detailed description, images, consumer reviews, etc.,

Non-Intuitive Site Navigation

This is another e-commerce mistake that retailers should avoid when operating online beauty stores, such as wrong categories of products, complex product categories, unintuitive details page navigation, etc. Therefore, if potential consumers cannot easily find what they want on your online beauty store, they will leave without hesitation.

By creating intuitive online beauty store site design, easy to find menus, a reasonable website structure, good online beauty store details page, and process to create a good user experience to avoid e-commerce mistakes in this way!

In this way, you can attract consumers to browse your online beauty store. Beauty retailers also need to review the analysis data to understand consumer buying behavior and optimize the design accordingly to minimize the number of clicks required to find the product.

Poor Customer Service

Unfortunately, this common e-commerce mistake is very easy for many beauty retailers to make when operating an online beauty store. The long response time, failure to solve problems, and inability to provide returns and refunds frustrate customers. These e-commerce mistakes may cause beauty retailers to lose existing consumers, generate negative reviews, and make it difficult to gain new customers.

First of all, beauty retailers need to understand what customers’ needs are and what aspects include, so as to improve customer service and improve the overall service and customer satisfaction of online beauty stores.

The pre-sale and in-sale customer service must be enthusiastic, respond in a timely manner, and actively do a good job of transformation. After-sales customer service needs to solve consumer problems and make compensation solutions to improve consumer satisfaction.