To Wholesalers & Retailers: What You Need To Know About B2B!

Curious about B2B? By reading this article, you will benefit the following information:

  • What is B2B?
  • What is the current status and prospects of B2B development?
  • Why do wholesalers need B2B?
  • What are the top 10 benefits of B2B in wholesale?
  • What are the functions of top B2B?
  • What are the top 5 B2B platforms for wholesalers?

FashionTIY Analysis: Sports Fashion is Hot all over the world with the unblocking is coming!

We are increasingly discovering that SPORTSWEAR will become the backbone of sales in the apparel market after COVID-19. Now, let’s follow FashionTIY to discuss which sportswear will fantastic sales! You will get the following information by reading this article:

  • Hot-Selling Clothing in European and American

  • A Swimsuit, but it has all kinds of style

  • Bras are not fashion, exercise is not strong

  • Leggings, popular elements everywhere

  • The retro trend swept the sports fashion circle

FashionTIY TIPS: How to master customer psychology to improve retail performance

When doing business, retailers face customers when they sell products. There are various changes in their psychology. We can’t grasp it specifically, but please follow the footsteps of FashionTIY to learn these 4 tips to understand the psychology of customers.Then our sales will be successful!

  • Watch: Fully observe the customer

  • Listen: listen to more ideas of customers

  • Question: Asking about customer needs

  • Feel: Actively guide customers to place orders.

Importing products from China to the U.S? FashionTIY summarized the best 4 shipping method guides for you!

When you import products from China to the U.S. and regardless of the size and quantity of your order, you need to consider how to choose a courier company and what is the delivery time? Come and follow the footsteps of FashionTIY! Here, we have summarized 4 shipping guides so that you will find an effective solution to balancing the shipping cost and time.

  • Courier companies: FedEx, DHL, UPS
  • Air Cargo
  • Sea Cargo
  • Joint shipping:Airfreight+ UPS / Seafreight+ UPS

FashionTIY Analysis - What are the 3 development trends of the clothing retail business in 2020 after COVID-19?

Today, due to the raging COVID-19, all walks of life have suffered heavy losses, and the clothing retail business is also under pressure. We cannot predict the future, but FashionTIY as the best online wholesale market for wholesalers and retailers is able to peek into some valuable insights in its cooperation with clothing retailers. It will help retailers stabilize their clothing retail business in future market development. The following are the 3 trend predictions about the future clothing retail business.