Want To Online Wholesale Cheap Clothing From China To Europe? The Following Strategies Will Help You Do More With Less!

If you want to wholesale cheap and trendy clothing (especially women’s clothing) from China to Europe, how to choose the right clothing wholesaler and maximize your profits? The Following Strategies Will Help You Do More With Less!

  • The Challenge of Import Chinese Cheap Clothing Wholesale to Europe;

  • 4 Principles for Choosing Trustworthy Chinese Clothing Wholesalers;

  • Top 5 Quality Wholesale Suppliers who Import Cheap Clothing From China to Europe;

The clothing wholesale industry more and more popular in Europe. If you want to run a clothing retail business and import cheap clothing from China to Europe, the first thing is to find a trusted Chinese clothing wholesaler. Although this process is cumbersome and even annoying. Clothing retailers must multiple tests before find high-quality clothing at a great price.

Even you engaged in the Chinese clothing wholesale market for years, this will be difficult and challenging. No to mention a newbie.

Today we will introduce in detail some information about importing cheap clothing wholesale from China, hoping to provide some insights on decision-making to you.

The Challenges of Import Chinese Cheap Clothing Wholesale to Europe

Clothing retailers who want to import cheap Chinese clothing into Europe may face the following challenges.

  • Facing numerous clothing wholesalers and repetitive products clothing retailers will feel confused and at a loss.

  • The Price of wholesale Chinese clothing, not the lowest only lower. Clothing retailers can’t choose the Best Price.

  • High Shipping Costs and Tariff issues cut into clothing retailers’ Profits.

  • After-Sales Service may not Satisfactory. Such as clothing quality issues and returns & refunds are very difficult.

  • Some Chinese clothing wholesaler has strict MOQ limit, many small and medium-sized retailers are discouraged.

4 Principles for Choosing Trustworthy Chinese Clothing Wholesalers

Regarding importing Chinese wholesale clothing, before choosing the right cheap clothing wholesaler please read FashionTIY Warm Tips: How can retailers and wholesalers avoid bad suppliers?

In today’s society, the competition between clothing retailers is gradually transformed into competition between supply chains. The following principles will help you choose to import Chinese clothing wholesalers better.


Quality is the basis of the survival of clothing retailers. The use-value of products is based on product quality. It determines the quality of the final consumer products and affects the market competitiveness and share of products. Therefore, quality is an important factor in choosing Chinese clothing wholesalers.

Wholesale Price

The low wholesale price means that clothing retailers can reduce the cost of their production and operation, is also the focus of our discussion. Which has an obvious effect on improving the competitiveness and increasing profits of shops and is an important factor in choosing Chinese clothing wholesalers. But please note that when importing cheap clothing in China to Europe, not have the lowest only lower. Only comprehensive comparisons and in-depth studies can be done.

Delivery Time & Shipping Method

Import cheap clothing from China to Europe, among the shipping distance is relatively long. Whether the product can be delivered on time at the agreed time and place directly affects the continuity of store operations and supply activities.

Therefore, before choosing Chinese clothing wholesalers, clothing retailers must confirm the delivery time and the shipping method.

Product Category Diversity

In order to survive and develop in the fierce competition, the products sold by clothing retailers must be diversified to meet the needs of consumers, to achieve the purpose of market share and profit. The diversification of products is based on a variety of Chinese clothing wholesalers, which determines the types of consumer products.

Top 5 Best Wholesale Suppliers who Import Cheap Clothing From China to Europe


When it comes to importing and wholesale Chinese cheap clothing to Europe, the first mention is AliExpress. There is no doubt that as the largest wholesale supplier in China, AliExpress is a trusted brand with customers and warehouses all over the world.

AliExpress uses a third-party platform model, so there are many wholesale suppliers to choose from. But it is also a double-edged sword. The biggest disadvantage is that clothing retailers need to spend a lot of energy or money to test these wholesale suppliers.

However, clothing retailers don’t have to worry about security issues, as Aliexpress offers multiple payment methods and secure transaction models, as well as Aliexpress ERP global Transaction Assistant to ensure the safety of user transactions.


If you’re newbie retailer and want to import wholesale cheap clothing from China, but complex wholesale procedures and duplicate products make you feel confused, then FashionTIY’s simple one-stop wholesale model is very suitable for you. One-stop order, one-stop payment, and one-stop shipping & delivery make your wholesale of cheap Chinese clothing easier and fast.

30%-70% Cheaper. FashionTIY has a huge price advantage compared with the Chinese clothing wholesalers you know, they can provide you with the same quality but cheaper. Saving 30%–70% cost for you on average compared with the other online wholesale markets.

Flexible MOQ. Flexible wholesale quantity and price range. The Price Decreases As The Purchase Volume Increases. The more wholesale quantity, the lower the corresponding wholesale price, so that helps save 40%–70% purchase costs for you.

Fast Shipping. Use DHL/UPS and other internationally well know logistics to ship.

Provides Customized Service. such as Tag Customization, Pattern Printing, LOGO Printing, etc. Which can help clothing wholesalers & retailers achieve low-cost brand expansion and meet your personalized needs.

Provides 30-Days Free After-Sales Service. FashionTIY provides 30-days free after-sales service for all the orders (Starting with the date of the signed off the order from the logistics company). Make your purchase on FashionTIY more easy and safe.


Dhgate is an e-commerce clothing website that promotes the sale of manufactured goods. They are one of the largest wholesale clothing suppliers in China.

The company has been operating since 2004 and has a long and impressive record of wholesale clothing in China. Dhgate handles all categories of products and delivers them online worldwide within 2-5 working days.

To avoid fraud, all payments are guaranteed and paid immediately after delivery. Its website has a customer base of more than 4 million.


This is an online wholesale and retail store located in Guangzhou, China. As one of the leading online clothing websites in China, and one of the most successful clothing wholesalers in China, they provide various products.

These products include Chinese clothing, skirts, skirts, tops, pants jackets, etc. No matter where you are, they provide everyone with the same price at a reasonable price.

They provide services to more than 50 countries/regions around the world. yaaku can provide lightweight services and wholesale prices.

Global Sources

It is one of the earliest online trade portals, established in 1996. It is a very popular part of the online B2B industry. This Hong Kong-based online trading company is helping global wholesalers enter the global market and conduct trade easily.

This website is one of the best sources for you to get good and affordable wholesale clothing from many reliable suppliers and manufacturers.

It is considered to be the main facilitator of global trade and can help you easily find new and genuine B2B clothing suppliers.