Which product sales soared during COVID-19?

Affected by COVID-19, people’s daily life has changed, and their consumption behavior has also changed. As a retailer, you should always maintain a keen sense of market opportunities. FashionTIY sorted out the products with higher sales volume in March according to the sales data, and how the current retailers choose the purchase channels safely and effectively, firmly grasping the market opportunities to obtain profits.

Top 5 products sold well by FashionTIY during the COVID-19

All new market opportunities come from the emergence of new consumer demand. The most shopping opportunities during COVID-19 are hidden in the consumer shopping cart. Do you want to know what are the business opportunities during COVID-19? FashionTIY will tell you the answer.

What is the easiest and most effective way to prevent COVID-19

COVID-19 are sweeping the globe, and everyone is worried: How can I prevent it? Of the many precautions, the simplest and most effective is wearing a mask. Wearing a mask is one of the most important and most effective prevention and control measures to prevent infectious diseases such as COVID-19, which can effectively reduce the risk of infection with COVID-19!

Logistics & Inventory Issues Of Physical Clothing Store that Retailers Most Concerned During COVID-19

The time has come to 2020, the COVID-19 is constantly affecting physical clothing store business. The bustling streets and shopping malls of the past are now empty. During the COVID-19, physical clothing retailers have indeed experienced unprecedented business crises. But we must also realize that the emergence of each crisis means that new opportunities are emerging. For physical clothing retailers how to make your physical clothing store business safely and survive during COVID-19? At present, the problems that trouble physical clothing stores are also the most important concern of clothing retailers are the inventory and logistics issues.

Fun entertainment games at home

During this special period, people from all over the world fought against the COVID-19 in their homes, but staying at home for a long time was very boring. So some people with big brains began to ponder some strange pastimes. Come and following FashionTIY to see how they all do it!

Essential items during the COVID-19

Because of the COVID-19, everyone must stay at home, and not be allowed to go out, many people feel so boring. Instead of being bored at home every day, consider the schedule and make the most of this time. The following I have prepared some essential items at home to make your holiday more fulfilling. Now please following FashionTIY to analyze what essential items during COVID-19.

COVID-19 stimulates health needs...

During the COVID-19, the “home economy” developed rapidly. People don’t need fancy home fitness equipment to keep in shape. For people with small space and tight budgets, they can use small fitness equipment to create a gym at home. The epidemic prevented many people’s outdoor sports but made home fitness equipment such as yoga mats, elastic bands, rollers and so on popular. The following is an inventory of four popular fitness equipment sold worldwide. Wholesalers and retailers, please continue reading, new business opportunities may be here.