4 Kinds of Wholesale Channels for Fashion Clothing Stores

The most difficult part of opening a fashion clothing store is the sourcing supplies and wholesale channels. Only solving the problem of wholesale channels of clothing can clothing retailers continue to grow their businesses. Hoping you can benefit from the following 4 ways of wholesale channels for fashion clothing stores.

There are many problems in operating a fashion clothing store, especially in 2020. If the retailer wants to make money simply by selling the goods, please don’t touch the clothing. The current clothing retail business requires systematic operations.

From the fashion clothing store positioning, address selection, contact with wholesale suppliers, decoration, display, recruitment of employees, management system, etc., every part is very particular and import. Only in-depth operations can make you make enough profits today. Is it difficult to open a fashion clothing store that earns $500,000 a year? It’s not difficult, but you have to do every step well.

In fact, the most difficult problem is the wholesale channels of clothing. Especially when the fashion clothing store is on the right track and needs to continue purchasing, It is necessary to gradually consider constructing your own supply chain and measuring time and cost.

Where to find foreign trade wholesale channels? Where to find brand wholesale channels? The wholesale market is too expensive to get goods, and it is not profitable. Where to find the wholesale channels of the factory price? I always fly to China and India to wholesale the goods. I am so tired and sometimes there are too many problems. Is there a better solution? Only by solving the problem of the wholesale channel can clothing retailers continue to grow business, open more clothing branches, or combine online and offline expansion.

Wholesale From Local Clothing Wholesale Markets

This is the most common wholesale channel, clothing retailers can go to the shops of the clothing wholesale market to choose their favorite style. Please note that when determining the purchase of a large amount of clothing here, clothing retailers must first consider the acceptance of consumers in their own fashion clothing stores, which mainly include:

  • Will your customers like these clothing styles?

  • Can your customers accept the corresponding clothing price?

  • Do you have enough profit space?

Clothing retailers need to have strong bargaining power to purchase goods in the clothing wholesale market. The larger the clothing wholesale market is, the more categories available, and the cheaper the price.

The popularity of clothing and the size of profit margins should be the core factors clothing retailers consider.

Wholesale From The Factory

Factory purchase is a very competitive and common wholesale channel. You can get a lower wholesale price when you purchase from the factory, but the MOQ of many factories usually requires higher that increasing the business risk. For example, there is a clothing factory that provides wholesale services, but if the MOQ of the clothing retailer is lower than 500 or 100, the factory will usually ignore you.

Wholesale from the factory often means that you need to have greater sales ability and higher communication costs. For example, if your clothing wholesale supplier is a Chinese factory, it means that you may need to fly to China multiple times for specific communication.

Wholesale From The Online Wholesale Market

This is a very popular wholesale channel in recent years with the development of the Internet B2B market.

Online wholesale not only saves a lot of time and energy for clothing retailers but also saves purchase costs with lower wholesale prices.

FashionTIY as a B2B online wholesale market is also increasingly popular with global clothing wholesalers and retailers. Compared with other online wholesale markets, FashionTIY has the following advantages:

50000+ Not Repeating Styles & Daily Update

FashionTIY provides the newest styles and fashion trends at reasonable wholesale prices to clothing retailers. A weekly update of season and trending styles will refresh your clothing range and keep your customers coming back for more.

Almost No MOQ limit & Support Dropshipping

Unlike other wholesale platforms, clothing of FashionTIY does not have an MOQ limit and support drop shipping. In addition, clothing retailers can also mix batches one order, which can not only reduce your inventory pressure but also benefit capital turnover.

The Price Decreases As The Purchase Volume Increases

Flexible wholesale quantity and price range. The more wholesale quantity, the lower the corresponding wholesale price, so that helps save more purchase costs for you.

VIP Membership & Discount Make More Profit For You

The VIP Membership in FashionTIY is free absolutely. Join VIP Membership to enjoy exclusive coupons monthly and priority customer service. Bring more business profits to your purchasing journey in FashionTIY.

Provides Customized Service

FashionTIY provides an exclusive customized service plan, especially Small Order Customize to provide clothing retailers with designated production and processing services, such as Tag Customization, Pattern Printing, LOGO Printing, etc. Which can help clothing retailers achieve low-cost brand expansion and meet your personalized needs.

Provides 30-Days Free After-Sales Service

FashionTIY provides 30-days free after-sales service for all the orders (Starting with the date of the signed off the order from the logistics company). Make your wholesale on FashionTIY more easy and safe.

Looking For Special Wholesale Channels

For example, if clothing retailers have relatives or friends in factories or in China, they can help you to wholesale some items that do not have in the domestic market or some items at lower prices.

However, because this condition is too strict, most clothing retailers may not be able to achieve it.