The wholesale price starts at only 0.88! Are these beauty products on FashionTIY really good?

Give you $0.88, what can you buy? Candy or chocolate? However, for BEAUTY Wholesalers or Retailers, the wholesale starting price of $0.88 can be purchased the following good beauty products on the FashionTIY this online wholesale market, come and follow our footsteps to take a look!

  • Nails Art & Tools with ultra-low-cost are the best-selling on FashionTIY in April

  • The wholesale price low to $0.57 of the high-capacity Cosmetic Bags

  • Wearing masks to make Eye Makeup Products of FashionTIY selling well

FashionTIY Analysis: What products Hot-Selling in the world after the COVID-19 of spring and summer 2020?

What are consumers buying in April when they are forced to change their behavior because COVID-19 can’t go to work/school/play outside? What is a hot-selling product? What will be the market trend in the future? If you are a wholesaler or retailer, come and follow the footsteps of FashionTIY, please read this article carefully so as to better understand the market conditions and accelerate the rapid development of your business.

FashionTIY Analysis: Pet product search surged by 328%? Pet lovers let the pet market burst into flames!

For retailers who want to expand pet products, understanding the new pet consumption trends in 2020, mastering the hot-selling categories and market development is a straight channel to help quickly expand the business. Come and follow the footsteps of FashionTIY. By reading the article, you will get the following detailed information:

  • New Consumption Trends of pet products in 2020

  • Popular Style Trends of pet products in 2020

  • Market development of pet products in Europe and America

5 questions to help you fully understand the online wholesale market-FashionTIY

Today, online wholesale markets are playing an increasingly important role in the international B2B supply chain. However, many retailers and wholesalers are still confused about the online wholesale market, especially the presence of ambiguous and outdated information on the internet that can mislead them. Therefore, I have sorted out the 5 most concerned and confused questions about FashionTIY and gave you the most objective answers.

7 elements to help you better understand FashionTIY

FashionTIY is the best B2B online wholesale market for apparel, jewelries, accessories, beauty, bags&shoes, home&garden, wedding&party, mom&kids, etc.

We always strive to be the best online wholesale market for wholesalers and retailers.

The following 7 elements can help wholesalers and retailers to have a more comprehensive understanding for the operation and services of FashionTIY.

Purchasing work is too tedious? FashionTIY makes your retail & wholesale business easier and more convenient

How does FashionTIY make your retail or wholesale business easier and more convenient? Mainly analyze from the following elements:

  • FashionTIY’s operating model is self-operated.

  • One-stop selection of 100,000+ products.

  • Implement factory wholesale price, save you 40% + purchase cost.

  • Strict quality control and after-sales service.

  • Multiple shipping methods are available.

  • Timely customer service and customized services.

Which product sales soared during COVID-19?

Affected by COVID-19, people’s daily life has changed, and their consumption behavior has also changed. As a retailer, you should always maintain a keen sense of market opportunities. FashionTIY sorted out the products with higher sales volume in March according to the sales data, and how the current retailers choose the purchase channels safely and effectively, firmly grasping the market opportunities to obtain profits.

Why does the price of FashionTIY save you 40% on average?

Faced with a variety of suppliers, most retailers often fail to find suppliers with ultra-low prices after many attempts. FashionTIY can save you 40% on average with its factory direct selling price, flexible purchase quantity, and perfect membership system. FashionTIY emerges as the preferred supplier of more than 20,000 small and medium wholesalers and retailers.

What is FashionTIY

You can find the answers in this article:

  • What is FashionTIY?
  • How FashionTIY work?
  • Why choose FashionTIY when i want to wholesale online?