Sellers are paying attention: What are American consumers buying while they stay at home? (2)

As retailers, the most important thing in doing business is to maintain a keen sense of the market. Through the current purchase data and consumption trends of American consumers, analyze the hot products in the current market, so as to seize the market opportunities early.

In this article, we will continue to discuss the product that American consumers buy the most and FashionTIY most popular wholesale products. Through the analysis of these products, to help retailers and wholesalers better understand the current market consumption trends, so as to make their business better.

Enjoy DIY and baking

For Americans who love to do everything themselves, DIY has always been an important part of life. Isolation at home has strengthened people’s DIY enthusiasm, cross-stitch, various baking tools are very popular.

  1. Cross Stitch (up 125%)

  2. Diamond Painting (up 109%)

  3. Silicone Mould (up 100%)

  4. Stainless Steel Whisk (up 85%)

  5. Baking Tray (up 84%)

  6. Other kitchen cleaning supplies (up 79%)

  7. Sewing and Sewing DIY Supplies (up 40%)

Make your home life easier and more convenient.

People can’t go out, and at home all day, finally have time to regain the long-standing home improvement plan. They can also take the opportunity to add some home items to make the living and working environment more comfortable and efficient. See which products have increased sales?

  1. Home Textile (up 145%)

  2. Kitchen Storage, Home Storage items (up 140%)

  3. Towel & Bath Towels (up 100%)

  4. Home Decoration (up 90%)

Although the American people who love fitness are isolated at home, they can’t stop exercising, and they buy some fitness equipment. Fitness products such as strength training equipment, yoga mats, and elastic band are popular, and sales have soared.

  1. Strength Training Equipment (up 854%)

  2. Yoga and Pilates Supplies (up 284%)

  3. Swimming Ring (up 273%)

  4. Sit Up Assistant(up 232%)

  5. Aerobics Equipment (up 221%)

  6. Muscle Abdominal Resistance Pull Rope (up 210%)

Pay more attention to pet companionship in home life

In the United States and Europe, almost every family has pets. Walking with dogs out during COVID-19 is almost the only outing activity. The demand for pet companionship is higher under home living conditions, resulting in more pet supplies, such as daily pet consumption Products, pet accessories, pet health supplies, etc.

  1. Adjustable Pet Vest Walking Leash Leads (up 200%)

  2. 4pcs Pet Dog Silicone Rain Shoes (up 150%)

  3. USB Charging Led Dog Collar (up 100%)

The above content is the product that American consumers buy the most and FashionTIY most popular wholesale products in the last month.

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