FashionTIY Analysis: Sports Fashion is Hot all over the world with the unblocking is coming!

We are increasingly discovering that SPORTSWEAR will become the backbone of sales in the apparel market after COVID-19. Now, let’s follow FashionTIY to discuss which sportswear will fantastic sales! You will get the following information by reading this article:

  • Hot-Selling Clothing in European and American

  • A Swimsuit, but it has all kinds of style

  • Bras are not fashion, exercise is not strong

  • Leggings, popular elements everywhere

  • The retro trend swept the sports fashion circle

With the global COVID-19 gradually becoming controllable, the public’s mentality has gradually shifted from the initial panic to calmness. After all, life has to continue, and obesity during isolation must be reduced bit and bit!

People who have been isolated for a month or two at home have worn the most fashionable sportswear started a new life of fitness. Sportswear will become the backbone of the clothing market after COVID-19!

What kind of Clothing is Hot-Selling in European and American?

Consumers in different countries have different preferences for sportswear.(Data and Pictures source: FashionTIY)

United States: Casual sportswear, a popular purchase!

Top-Selling Clothing sales year-on-year: shirts (36%), hoodies (23%), T-shirts (19%), sports shirts (14%), Polo shirt is the fastest-growing shirt category.

Italy: Underwear sold out, jeans are popular!

Top-Selling Clothing year-on-year: underwear (42%), jeans (40%), shorts (37%), underwear (30%).

United Kingdom: British people love to buy comfortable clothing

Top-Selling Clothing year-on-year: sports shoes (163%), slippers (147%), pajamas tops (143%), bras/underwear (127%).

Germany: Swimwear sales have risen sharply with summer coming

Top-Selling Clothing year-on-year: sports shoes (44%), bikinis (40%), shorts/dresses (30%), polo shirts (22%).

Spain: Sportswear quickly gains popularity

Top-Selling Clothing year-on-year: sports pants (49%), socks (41%), shorts (29%), tights (29%).

A Swimsuit, but it has all kinds of style

With the advent of summer in the northern hemisphere, swimsuits have undoubtedly become the top clothing category in multi-country sales. So what are the popular styles of spring and summer 2020 swimwear?

Covered-up (covered swimsuit) and High-NeckTops (high-necked swimsuit) were hailed by the fashion media as a fashionable swimsuit style that had to be bought in 2020. I believe this sexy and elegant swimsuit style will also capture many young women’s love.

Many retailers and wholesalers are no strangers to High-cut (high slit to hip-shaped) swim trunks if you frequently viewed Instagram. So many European and American girls often wear this one-piece swimsuit to show their figure, prepare trendy swimsuit is a must for summer.

In addition, advanced printing, Hawaiian plant printing, metal lock ring, orange, and other elements are also popular!

Underwire Tops, One-Piece, Tied with a Knot, Belts & Hoops, etc. These retro creative design swimming swimsuits are ingenious.

Bras are not fashion, exercise is not strong

T-shaped sports underwear, front zippered sports underwear, underwire sports underwear, and seamless sports underwear with their functionality and comfort, that meet consumers’ daily sports clothing needs and are the 4 most well-known sports for consumers underwear type.

The double-layer knotted and lotus leaf shoulder design style makes sports underwear a fashionable item for taking to the streets and parties that while meeting the dual needs of sports and fashion.

Threads, sequins, big logo, personalized copywriting, straps, knots, and other show clothing concepts have also been moved to the design of sports underwear, making sports fitness a good opportunity for trendy people to show fashion taste.

When sports tights meet the trendy colors of spring and summer 2020, new sports fashion will spew out. Wearing sports tights rendered in popular colors such as mint green and gray-purple red will definitely sweep away the psychological haze under COVID-19 and inject more fresh vitality into the sports fashion.

In addition to color, sports tights can also show different styles and charms by decorating different patterns. Leopard and snake patterns are still the first choice for most sexy women.

Of course, watercolor renderings, metal coatings, side pockets, and other fashionable designs have also become commonplace.

The retro trend swept the sports fashion circle

Continued emergencies in 2020 have made the world deeply disturbed. Major fashion designers have paid tribute to classics and nostalgia. This retro trend has also swept the sports fashion circle. More and more consumers recognize and pursue retro-style clothing and accessories.

Retro-style sportswear, sports bracelets, sports hair bands, and other accessories are also increasingly popular with young ladies.

From the perspective of global COVID-19 prevention and control, the evolution of consumer behavior is a good perspective. When the daily life of various countries is gradually normalized, global COVID-19 prevention and control have gradually stabilized. At this time, it is a good time for fashion sports products to be on the shelves. Retailers and wholesalers should quickly move to sell the world!

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