FashionTIY TIPS: How to master customer psychology to improve retail performance

When doing business, retailers face customers when they sell products. There are various changes in their psychology. We can’t grasp it specifically, but please follow the footsteps of FashionTIY to learn these 4 tips to understand the psychology of customers.Then our sales will be successful!

  • Watch: Fully observe the customer

  • Listen: listen to more ideas of customers

  • Question: Asking about customer needs

  • Feel: Actively guide customers to place orders.

In the shopping process, we will feel this way unconsciously: As a buyer, you will not hesitate to buy if you find a product that meets your needs. And as a retailer or salesperson, only to find out the customer’s purchase needs, can the transaction be completed more quickly. So how to discover the demand points? Chinese traditional medicine has a well-known theory: watch, listen, question, and feel! So in the sales process, we can also look around, listen, question, and feel to find the customer’s needs and help him buy the required goods!

Watch: Observe carefully, fully imagine, avoid wearing colored glasses to observe customers

Observe the direction of the customer’s movement, stop time, stay in sight, touch behavior, Looking in the mirror, and so on. And observe the customer’s dressing style and appearance.

In this way, we have a preliminary understanding of what the customer is interested in and what purchase intentions they may have.

Listen: effective listening

In the process of communicating with customers, ask them about the feeling of trying, understand some of the customer’s dissatisfaction, what confusion, and so on to effectively solve.

For example, clothing is really good, but the customer doesn’t know how to match them. Then we must make good use of our professional knowledge to assist in matching, and appropriate praise to make customers satisfied.

Question: Full of emotions, enthusiasm, and real that to avoid and substituting personal negative emotions

Open questions: Hello, can I help you? / Hello, what style do you want to look, I can give you directions.

Closed questions: Yes or No, A or B. Hello, do you want to wear it at work, or do you daily wear it?

If you meet a customer who likes to communicate, try to understand his needs through detailed questions. The deeper you tap, the greater the possibility of buying.

If you encounter a customer who does not like to communicate, actively encourage customers to try on their own. I will be nearby to serve you at any time, let the customer feels that you will not bother him, but will appear as soon as you need help.

Feel: Lead the customer’s association in the clothing, buy now

Through the first 3 steps of foreshadowing, you probably understand the needs of customers and guide them to associate interest points, Such as what benefits will this product bring to you! If the customer feels this way, is there any reason not to buy?

The above are 4 suggestions summarized by FashionTIY that can help you better grasp customer psychology in the retail process, and figure out what your customers want to buy to improve retail performance!

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