Choose The Right Positioning For Your Fashion Clothing Store Before You Start!

Want to start a fashion clothing store, have you decided on the positioning of the fashion clothing store? If not, the following 6 steps will inspire you!

Many novice clothing retailers often focus on funds budget when opening a new fashion clothing store, this is not wrong. But in addition to this, there is actually a very important work that is easy for clothing retailers to ignore: choose the right positioning and thinking for your fashion clothing store.

Determine The Main Clothing Category Of Your Fashion Clothing Store

Women fashion clothing? Men’s fashion clothing? Children’s clothing?

I believe clothing retailers must have thought about this issue before deciding to open a fashion clothing store. The final conclusion is based on the understanding and analysis of your surroundings and potential customers. You are more professional than us about this point.

Regarding this issue, we only have one suggestion: once clothing retailers have selected a category, please temporarily abandon those issues that do not belong to this category. All your next thoughts will take this as the core element.

We will assume that clothing retailers have chosen women fashion clothing in the following discussion.

Choose The Subdivided Clothing Subcategories For Your Fashion Clothing Store

Women Swimwear? Women Sports? Women Bottoms? Women Tops? There are too many choices here. You cannot sell all fashion clothing categories. More categories often mean that clothing retailers need more warehouse space, more display space, larger clothing stores, more sales staff, greater operating costs, and more customer traffic to make a profit, etc. ,

This is a problem that needs comprehensive consideration. We usually recommend that your clothing subcategories are between 1-3.

Of course, there are many influencing factors, clothing retailers need to consider carefully and get the answer according to the actual situation.

We will assume that clothing retailers have chosen women fashion tops and women fashion dresses in the following discussion.

Analyze The Preferences Of Potential Customers And The Characteristics Of The Market Segment You Want To Enter

Clothing retailers need to analyze the aesthetic preferences of your potential customers to determine which styles of women’s fashion tops and women’s fashion dresses will be more popular. If you have competitors around, then you should also consider which features as the main image to attract the customer’s sight. The process of thinking is the process of answering similar questions:

  • What types of women fashion tops and women fashion dresses do customers like?
  • Are customers sensitive to the brand?
  • Are customers sensitive to price?
  • Are customers sensitive to materials?
  • Under what scenarios do customers wear these fashion clothing?
  • Why do customers choose to buy women tops and women dresses in my fashion clothing store?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of my fashion clothing store?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of my competitors?

Consider The Spending Power Of Potential Customers In The Fashion Clothing Store To Facilitate Pricing

Please answer the above questions carefully and judge the spending power of your potential customers based on the answers and actual conditions, so as to determine the final clothing pricing range.

Of course, when fashion clothing pricing, clothing retailers should also consider the pricing of competing stores, after all, compared with other factors, cheaper is the most competitive.

Preliminary Calculation Of Your Budget For Fashion Clothing Stores

At this time, you may not have selected the approximate store location or decoration, and cannot estimate the specific budget. However, it is still recommended that you initially calculate your budget based on the existing conditions. Understand whether your funds are sufficient to support your initial planning. If not, clothing retailers may need to consider in advance how to raise funds or how to apply for loans.

Determine Whether The Preliminary Positioning Of The Fashion Clothing Store Has Done

Clothing retailers can try to express it as follows:

I am going to run a women fashion clothing store, mainly selling women fashion tops and women fashion dresses. Most of my potential customers are not sensitive to the brand, but they are sensitive to the price. The price range of fashion women clothing I sell is $10-$50. At present, I have about $3000 start-up funds.

If the clothing retailer can make such a description accurately, it means that the positioning of the fashion clothing store in the early stage has been done.

Then next, what clothing retailers need to do are:How do small clothing retailers choose suitable suppliers? and 4 Steps Help You Start-Up A Women Clothing Retail Boutique!

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