4 Steps Help You Start-Up A Women Clothing Retail Boutique!

I want to start-up my women clothing retail boutique, what should I do? FashionTIY summarizes the following 4 main steps to help you realize your dream:

  • Physical or Online Women Clothing Retail Boutique;
  • Develop detailed Business Plans for Women Clothing Retail Boutique;
  • Choosing a Trusted Wholesale Clothing Supplier;
  • Promoting and Marketing your Women Clothing Retail Boutique;

If you are looking for answers on how to open a women’s clothing retail boutique, then you have chosen a good market. According to Statista data report: The value of the global clothing retail market is expected to increase from $1.3 trillion in 2015 to approximately $1.5 trillion in 2020, which indicates that global demand for clothing is growing. Especially women’s clothing accounts for the largest proportion. All right, let’s start!

Do you want to open Physical or Online Women Clothing Retail Boutique?

Yes, we must put this question first. Do you want to open Physical or Online Women Clothing Retail Boutique? Let’s analyze separately:

Physical Women Clothing Retail Boutique

Capital budget

To carry out women’s clothing retail business requires sufficient funds to ensure that store rents, store decoration costs, initial purchase funds, sales staff recruitment, operating capital, etc., all of which require a comprehensive capital budget. There is a saying that managing an enterprise is to manage the financial status of the business, open women’s clothing retail boutique is the same.

Market analysis to establish the positioning of women’s clothing retail boutique

Investigate the local women’s clothing market, for example, what is the local consumption level? What about the target group? The demand and saturation of the market as well as the situation of industry competitors need to be carefully understood. After that, determine what kind of women’s clothing to sell, Plus size or Sportswear? What kind of people are the main groups? 20-30 years old or 40-60 years old? So as to establish the positioning of the women’s clothing boutique.

location of women clothing retail boutique

The location of the women’s clothing retail boutique is very important, which is an important factor in determining the business situation of the clothing boutique. The location needs to grasp the following key points: visitors flowrate, the level of consumption, and the positioning of the clothing boutique to match the surrounding consumer groups. Of course, the rent for such a location is certainly not low, so it is necessary to combine clothing retailers’ own funds to choose.

Decoration of women clothing retail boutique

Please note that the decoration should match the style and type of clothing sold. If it is the type of clothing for girls 15-20 years old, it is necessary to decorate the boutiques to be cute and playful. If the customer is an office worker, the decoration should be more formal and solemn. In this way, customers will feel that this is the style that suits her. Furthermore, the lights must be evenly distributed and the brightness must be satisfied, as well as the mirrors and fitting rooms should be rationally arranged. This also requires special attention from clothing retailers.

Online Women Clothing Retail Boutique

In fact, the general idea of opening an online women clothing retail boutique is similar to the physical boutique. You also need to consider the capital budget and positioning in the early stage. The only difference is that the location and decoration of the clothing boutique are transferred to the online.

Since it is an online woman clothing retail boutique, you need to consider which system to use.

Reading FashionTIY TIPS: I Want To Start My Online Retail Clothing Business. Should I Use Magento, Opencart, PrestaShop, or Shopify? I believe you will get the answer. If you choose Shopify to start, How to Start an Online Store With Minimal Cash Investment will help you.

Create a detailed Business Plan for your Women Clothing Retail Boutique

Formulating a detailed business plan plays a macro control role in the operation of women clothing retail boutique. In addition to the above-mentioned issues related to funds, online or physical, customer positioning and decoration, etc. It also includes the following:

  • Brief introduction of women clothing retail boutique;
  • Marketing strategy for women clothing retail boutique;
  • Main clothing products and business scope;
  • Customer source channels;
  • How to choose a suitable wholesale clothing supplier;
  • Whether you need to customize the brand logo or private label;
  • Whether dropshipping is supported;
  • What is the approximate wholesale price of clothing;
  • How high is the freight cost;
  • What is the selling price of each clothing;
  • What is the profit margin of clothing;
  • How much inventory is needed for each style;
  • Staffing ratio of employees;
  • What are the characteristics of women clothing retail boutiques that attract customers;

Choose a Trusted Wholesale Clothing Supplier

Whether clothing retailers want to become a large fashion entrepreneur or just want to sell clothing online, finding the right wholesale clothing supplier is critical to your success. Before choosing a wholesale supplier, you should master these contents:

  • Do they have the clothing products you need?
  • What is the Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)?
  • What is their Wholesale Price, is there an advantage?
  • What kind of Transportation Methods are supported and what are the Transportation Costs?
  • What is their Standard of Clothing Quality?
  • How about Customer Service?
  • Is dropshipping supported?
  • Whether to support returns?

You can refer to How does apparel retailers choose suitable suppliers to get a more detailed answer.

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Promoting and Marketing your Women Clothing Retail Boutique

We finally arrived at the marketing and promoting part with so much preparation. There are many channels for marketing and promoting:

Social media promotion-Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter

Let’s take Facebook as an example. Facebook is still the overlord of social media sites, and it has developed into a place for companies to interact with customers and promote themselves. How can clothing retailers promote with Facebook?

Make the most of your Facebook business page

The Facebook page is a great free marketing tool for your women clothing retail boutique. These pages not only identify yourself by listing products and services but also better understand the personality and characteristics of women clothing retail boutiques by sharing links, images, and posts on customizable pages.

Post regularly

To use Facebook to promote your clothing retail business, you need to do more than build a Facebook page, also need to use it and post regularly. While it’s important to post regularly, it’s just as important to post quality content. If you’re unsure what your customers want to see, you can use Facebook’s poll features to ask what they want to see or take a look at Facebook Page Insights, which helps take the guesswork out of sharing.

Try Facebook Ads

If you’re having problems reaching users organically, please try Facebook ads. The promoted Facebook posts look like regular posts, but they are highly targeted and can attract more people.

Facebook’s tools are very effective and can easily target a specific audience. Clothing retailers can target users who like your page or by location, age, gender, and interests. Because Facebook collects user data, you can target your ads to users who are most likely to be interested in your products or services.

The platform also has analytical tools that can help you understand which ads can drive interest and sales.

Establish customer VIP membership database

This is especially for physical women clothing retail boutiques. The sales of clothing boutiques are not only determined by the number of people who come to the store, but more importantly personal consumption. According to relevant data: more than 80% of the profits of clothing boutiques are brought by less than 20% of high-customer customer groups, so if you want to promote and increase the sales of clothing boutiques must establish a perfect membership system. Steps as follows:

Record consumer information

Here clothing retailers must pay attention to speaking skills and methods to avoid causing customer resentment and ensure that customer information will not be disclosed;

Member Rating

In order to facilitate the reasonable resource allocation of members with different consumption capabilities in the later period, boutiques should establish a grading system based on the customer’s consumption level, consumption frequency, and potential on the basic member system: senior members, intermediate members, ordinary members.

Various promotions preferential activities

Attract customers’ attention through various preferential activities, such as discount promotion, gift promotion, voucher promotion, etc. It is worth noting that before doing various preferential activities must calculate the profit and loss, the number of event products, and the discount must be set in advance and strictly enforced.

Excellent service quality is fundamental

Establish complaint channels and deal with customers’ demands as soon as possible;

Improve the overall service level of the clothing boutiques to satisfy customers. And reading

FashionTIY TIPS: How to master customer psychology to improve retail performance To continuously improve the service quality and sales of women clothing retail boutique.