After the COVID-19, How apparel retailers survive? 3 practical methods to help you out of difficulties

Price increased? Logistics becomes more expensive and slower? Significantly fewer guests? Profitability is getting harder and harder? How apparel retailers survive? Don’t worry, please allow FashionTIY to help you overcome it. 3 practical methods to help you out of difficulties.

The beginning of 2020 will really make us especially remember. And this kind of memory may be the pain we don’t want to think about again. This “pain” is caused by COVID-19. The reduction of customers, the paralysis of logistics and the breakdown of the supply chain, and inventory are all difficulties that apparel retailers now face. Despite the difficulties, life must continue. FashionTIY has also been persistently operating efficiently and smoothly. Continue to maintain good cooperative relations with small and medium-sized wholesalers and retailers around the world to help you overcome difficulties together.

Let us discuss it in 3 aspects, under the influence of COVID-19, how should our apparel retailers industry survive? Prioritize current inventory, reduce inventory, and minimize losses.Why should we put cleanup inventory in the first place? Because most of the clothing we advanced in the past three months is for next spring sales, there are no sales for more than a month after the COVID-19. Spring is relatively short, this month is the peak sales season in previous years, and this loss is very serious. Most current clothes have the characteristics of quick-selling. After this season, it is basically a sinking product. Fall is basically not easy to sell. During this period of product sales, don’t think too much about the profitability of product sales, or give priority to the return of funds. Survival is fundamental.

Effective control of purchase volume.Why control purchase volume? This question is very important. After COVID-19, please do not purchase as boldly as before. You should appropriately reduce the number each purchase and increase the frequency of purchases. FashionTIY has no minimum order quantity. Flexible quantity and price intervals, one-order mixed batch and one-time shipping cost not only lower your inventory pressure but also benefit your capital overturn. Therefore, you can safely purchase on FashionTIY. Logistics distribution problem.Before the COVID-19, logistics distribution is not a problem, but after the outbreak, logistics distribution should also be considered. Now global logistics is paralyzed, the goods that can be received in the past week or ten days are now even a month. However, logistics is not a problem when purchasing on FashionTIY. As a super wholesale platform, FashionTIY can receives orders and shipping as usual during the COVID-19, ensuring a sufficient supply for your protection and business. Choosing priority shipping will ensure that you receive the package within 1 week after payment.

All difficulties are temporary, and all problems are ultimately a matter of time. The above is FashionTIY’s suggestions for all apparel retailers to face the COVID-19 situation. Join us now and you can enjoy a $15 discount with the coupon code: wholesale. If you want to know more about apparel products, please visit the official website