Beauty Consumption & Retail Research Report丨You Are Not Selling Cosmetics, But The Trend Of the New Retail Era of Beauty

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What is the New Retail Era? The new retail was first proposed by Alibaba Group and is currently developing at an exciting rate worldwide. This change goes well beyond online shopping. The future of the retail industry is not about new retail channels, but new experiences that combining online and offline. This is especially true of BEAUTY RETAIL!

Imagine: When you see your favorite beauty brand launched on your mobile phone/computer/smart mirror, you can immediately try it at home to feel its effect. If you like it, just click to buy, and someone will send this new beauty product to you immediately, is it a very pleasant thing! For beauty retailers, our era is quietly undergoing the transformation of beauty new retail. Online, offline, and logistics shipping are gradually forming a new retail model.

So, beauty retailers please attention that in the new retail era, what is the future consume trend of beauty products? The following will reveal the answers for you in conjunction with FashionTIY’s report on wholesale and retail of beauty:

Consumer Analysis Of Beauty Retail: Who loves Beauty Products?

The New Generation Of Young Becomes The Main Force Of Beauty Consumption

Millennials have become the main force of skincare and beauty, the consumers between the ages of 18- 22 have started to use a lot of beauty products. Among them, college students, urban office workers, and residents of small towns have the fastest response to the trend of beauty products led by stars, and economically developed regions also prefer to pursue fashion and beauty trends.

Men Also Start To Dominate Beauty Consumption

What deserves the attention of all our beauty retailers is that skincare and makeup is no longer a patent for women, and men have also begun to become the main consumers of beauty products. According to related surveys, although women have bought more than 80% of beauty products, the unit price of women’s purchases is generally lower than men. Of course, many men may buy beauty products as gifts, but more and more men are beginning to pay attention to their own skincare.

The Development Trend of Beauty Product Subdivision

More Elaborate Of Beauty Products

I don’t know if the beauty retailers have noticed that consumers’ requirements for beauty products are more subdivided, skincare and makeup tend to be more and more “elaborate”. On the one hand, young consumers are keen to upgrade their beauty equipment. Not only will they choose more and more elaborate beauty products, but they will also purchase some hardware such as beauty instruments. On the other hand, the make-up steps are getting more and more elaborate, the cream, sunscreen, liquid foundation, lipstick, eye shadow, mascara, and highlights, etc. Don’t miss any step.

Consumer Preference For Beauty Products

Nowadays, natural safety is the core appeal in beauty products for consumers. Among them, the concepts of herbs and pure substances are more prevalent. The simple and convenient application of multi-functional composite beauty products has become the need for fast-paced life in modern cities.

In addition, consumers have increasingly rich knowledge about the ingredients and effects of beauty products. High-tech, high-efficiency, personality can better cater to the novelty preferences about beauty products of the new generation of consumers.

Upgrading Of Consumption Power

Unlike consumers who used to classify all kinds of beauty products as niche consumption, with the consumption view change of the younger generation, they are more willing to buy more comprehensive beauty products. Not only are economically developed cities, but now the town’s consumers are also beginning to buy various beauty products. It precisely reflects the upgrading of consumers’ consumption view and purchasing power in the beauty market.

Beauty Retail Channel Differentiation & Brand Integration

In the future, beauty retail channels will be further diversified, with contributions from both online retail and offline retail. Within the brand, all beauty retail channels will gradually realize digital transformation through business collaboration, and ultimately serve consumers’ experience integration.

In terms of word-of-mouth publicity, social media has become an effective way for beauty retailers to reach consumers. Among them, beauty live broadcast is an effective way to attract attention and explode beauty retail sales.

High-Tech Applications Of Beauty Retail

Artificial intelligence and digital technology are powerful tools to create a sense of beauty retail experience. In the future, AR virtual makeup, unmanned beauty retail, smart skin measurement, and other applications will be further popularized. The innovation of various platforms and beauty brands will continue to surprise the beauty retail industry and consumers.

Although the current beauty retail industry is still in a relatively preliminary stage and needs more new developments to slowly mature, the beauty retail trend it triggered has already appeared. In the future, as more retail elements continue to converge, the horn of the new retail era of beauty will eventually sound, and a new beauty retail era will surely come!

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