Novelty & Special Use

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We provide 100k+ products for your wholesale business without sourcing agency charges including some Novelty & Special Use products, such as Cosplay Costume, Dance Wear, Uniforms, and more.

Novelty & Special Use:

One of the most popular of our wholesale Party & Festival items is the spirited Costume & Cosplay options. Choose from a variety of fun Cosplay Bodysuit and Cosplay Dress for Kids or Adults. We also offer a range of accessories from Cosplay Face Mask & Gloves to Cosplay Glasses & Hair Jewelry. We have you covered with these high-quality solutions offered at affordable prices. Add some Cosplay cheer to your boutique this year with gifts your customers will love! Shop for Costume & Cosplay Accessories, toys, and novelty gifts plus much more at great wholesale discounts at FashionTIY now.
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