Why does the price of FashionTIY save you 40% on average?

Faced with a variety of suppliers, most retailers often fail to find suppliers with ultra-low prices after many attempts. FashionTIY can save you 40% on average with its factory direct selling price, flexible purchase quantity, and perfect membership system. FashionTIY emerges as the preferred supplier of more than 20,000 small and medium wholesalers and retailers.

We all know that the wholesale price is much lower than the retail price so that retailers can make profits. Faced with thousands of diverse suppliers, as a retailer, choosing a reliable, low-cost supplier is really not an easy task. However, as a wholesale platform, the wholesale prices of FashionTIY can actually save you an average of 40%. This is not nonsense but is based on a large number of facts.

The most important thing for sellers is to ensure competitive prices and stable product quality. However, due to the asymmetric information between the factory and the terminal sellers, it is difficult for most retailers to directly obtain high-quality, affordable, and cost-effective products. This is the original intention of FashionTIY, to provide more customers with a competitive advantage. This is why FashionTIY can save you an average of 40% of the price.

Directly purchases at the factory’s original price

FashionTIY has signed direct sales agreements with thousands of factories in China, India and other places, eliminating all intermediate links, and the hundreds of thousands of products sold on the platform are all factory wholesale prices. In this way, the retailer directly purchases at the factory’s original price without an intermediary, thus ensuring ultra-low purchase prices.

Flexible Quantity & Price intervals

what does it mean?Unlike other wholesale platforms that require wholesale quantities, FashionTIY has no minimum order quantity. However, if you have more wholesale quantity, the corresponding wholesale price will be lower. This is indeed a very advantageous thing for retailers with large orders.

Support mixed batch, one-stop packaging and shipping

This is not difficult to understand. Purchasing on FashionTIY is very simple, you just need to select the product you want and then place the order. Quality, price, packaging, transportation, FashionTIY will solve everything you need. FashionTIY has more than one hundred thousand products including apparel, jewelry, accessories, beauty, bags, wedding & party, home products, etc. All of which implement one-stop procurement, one-time payment, and one order delivery. This model not only can reduce inventory pressure but also benefit capital turnover.

FashionTIY emerges as the preferred supplier of more than 20,000 small and medium wholesalers and retailers with competitive wholesale prices and high-quality product quality and services. Join us now and you can enjoy a $15 discount with the coupon code: wholesale15.