Top 3 the best wholesalers for starting an online beauty business

To develop an online beauty business, a good product supplier is essential. So how to choose a suitable and reliable supplier to further strengthen your business? How did FashionTIY and other three wholesale platforms become retailers’ favorite?

With the continuous improvement of women’s economic and social status and rising consumption power, more and more women pay more attention to their appearance, which has contributed to the rapid development of the beauty products industry. Today, we will discuss the top three best wholesalers in the online beauty business. I hope this article can provide a good choice for many wholesalers and retailers who developing the beauty business.


Beautetrade is listed among the leading and highly favored cosmetic brands of the world. Holding the most comprehensive directory of all cosmetic, beauty, and personal care items from the reputable manufacturers of the world, Beautetrade is the buying and selling hub for all manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and importers related to this field.

To cater the diverse and ever-evolving requirements of the cosmetic industry, Beautetrade has mustered up the biggest collection of top-notch and supreme quality cosmetic products, for both men and women, which are preferred and recommended by the professionals. At the platform, the buyers can expect to find the latest and most trendy cosmetic as well as personal care articles. whether you are looking for skincare products or you wish to buy grooming kits by high-end cosmetic brands, Beautetrade has it all for you.


FashionTIY is a super supplier with a multi-category factory direct sale platform, committed to helping global small and medium-sized enterprises achieve low-cost procurement. Since its establishment in 2016, it has become the preferred supplier of more than 20,000 SMEs.

There are various makeup, skincare & cleansing products, makeup tools, cosmetic bags, nails art, wigs, personal care on the FashionTIY platform. All products have passed the production quality inspection, primary quality inspection, packaging quality inspection three passes, and then delivered to the logistics center for transportation. For products of the same quality, the price of FashionTIY can save you 40% on average. Support mixed batch, all products in one-stop packaging and transportation, one order to complete the payment.

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3.Marlo Beauty Supply

For over 35 years, Marlo Beauty Supply has exclusively supported Licensed Professionals in the Beauty Industry.

Marlo Beauty Supply is based in Ferndale, Michigan. Marlo Beauty Supply has grown into national e-commerce and catalog-only distributor for hair, nails and spa products. Marlo Beauty Supply is still family-owned and operated and still 100% focused on the needs of licensed professionals only. Make sure buyers get the lowest prices on the best lines. Marlo Beauty Supply’s professional customer service representatives understand the industry and products. The distribution center is fast, efficient and well-stocked. Marlo Beauty Supply is a real partner of professionals, providing the best prices, services, choices and overall value in the professional beauty industry!