How can retailers and stores adapt to the predicament and survive in the face of adversity after COVID-19?

Although COVID-19 can’t be over in a while, we always have to find a way to survive. The following two suggestions will help you.

According to real-time statistics, as of 21:00, April 26, New York time, a total of 2,909,848 cases of COVID-19 have been diagnosed globally, and a total of 202,281 deaths. Among them, more than 930,000 cases have been diagnosed in the United States. Europe is still not optimistic, with a cumulative death toll of more than 120,000. Spain extended the country’s national emergency to 0:00 on May 10. At the same time, countries in the Middle East entering Ramadan have taken measures to deal with the COVID-19. A professor from Canada also said that the COVID-19 of European will not end in a short period of time, and the global COVID-19 is normal even if it lasts for a year or two.

Therefore, retailers and wholesalers must be prepared to adapt to this new normal. Thankfully, even now, people are still willing to shop online (instead of unreasonably refusing parcels as before), and even some categories or products have turned from unpopularity to hot style due to the COVID-19.

In this article, we will discuss: what you can do now for the store and how to do it, including how to explain to customers the delayed delivery of goods, how to meet customer needs, and how to adjust the choice of products.

Keep your communication channels open

The sooner you make adjustments, the more relaxed you are, and the more security you can bring to your customers. Taking the returned goods as an example, although the customer can choose to refund, you can transparently and proactively assure the customer that the order is in transit (instead of staying) to communicate with the customer. Most customers are still willing to wait.

You can expect your customers to ask these questions:

• Will COVID-19 affect your shop?

• Can I still receive my order?

• Are there any shipping delays?

You need to answer their doubts in any channel where your customers may get your message.

  1. Homepage: your customers spend a lot of time interacting with products in the online shop, so this is the first place you need to update basic information. Please make sure to update the estimated delivery time, so that customers have the psychological preparation for delayed delivery.

  2. Shipping And Tracking page:for example, the FashionTIY website has been fully updated according to the COVID-19 situation, and the shipping and tracking details page is no exception.

Products should be combined with current affairs

Changes in consumption habits indicate that people are also adapting to the changes brought about by the COVID-19 to life. Then, as a retailer, your shop also needs to have such adaptability. Therefore, just as you might rotate your products according to seasons and holidays, you can think about how your products should be combined with current affairs. For example, the public beach is closed now in the United States, then you have to make a judgment: the swimsuit may not be a best-selling product this year. Put energy into the products people need to buy now. During the public’s large-scale stay at home, it makes more sense to expand or highlight your home and life categories.

For example FashionTIY’s WORK AT HOME and its WORM HOME series. This series focuses on small home fitness products and women’s activewear, including Yoga mats and tight cropped leggings and so on. Creating a themed series of products can more effectively highlight the products that customers may be looking for. FashionTIY’s homepage also highlights the categories that users may need at home, such as PPE and pet supplies.

If the main focus of your product is on clothing, please follow the shopping trend news that is emerging around the world. FashionTIY as an online wholesale market has always been sensitive and responsive to fashion. At the beginning of March, its homepage had already exhibited a series of homewear and tops (because even at home, it usually only reveals the upper body) for retailers and wholesalers. Get inspiration for selecting products by studying the activities people do at home, such as reading, baking, and fitness. Since the COID-19, we have indeed seen a rise in sales of fitness equipment or sportswear. Perhaps it is now a good time to start home fitness clothing. To make product launches more interesting, you can add some fitness items and fitness suggestions to product descriptions, emails, or social media posts.

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