How does apparel retailers choose suitable supplier?

How to get cheap and high-quality goods is an important part of opening a store. The choice of supply source will directly affect the retailer’s profit and revenue, so care must be taken when choosing a supply source. For clothing retailers, how to choose a suitable and reliable clothing supplier? How did FashionTIY become the most trusted supplier of many wholesalers and retailers?

From the angle of the universality of clothing store operations, the source of goods can be considered from three aspects: manufacturers, first-level wholesalers, second-level or even third-level wholesalers. Generally speaking, the closer the purchase method selection is to the source, the greater the profit margin that can be obtained. However, different levels of wholesalers have their advantages and disadvantages. Retailers of different strengths should choose carefully according to their actual situation.

There are not many products that can be obtained from manufacturers, because most manufacturers disdain to cooperate with small-scale sellers, but some products that are not hot-selling can be purchased from the source. These regular manufacturers have sufficient supplies and have a good attitude towards customers. If cooperate with them for a long time, Indeed a very exciting thing. But generally speaking, manufacturers require very high starting quantities.

Taking garment factories as an example, manufacturers require wholesale quantities of at least nearly one hundred or even thousands. Not reaching this amount not only will they not get the lowest price, but they also may not even get basic cooperation. And it is easy to cause a backlog of goods, so it is not suitable for small wholesale customers.

So how do small apparel retailers choose wholesalers? FashionTIY would be a perfect choice.

  • FashionTIY is a super supplier with a multi-category factory direct sale platform, committed to helping global small and medium-sized enterprises achieve low-cost procurement.

  • FashionTIY has signed direct sales agreements with thousands of factories all over the world, eliminating all intermediate links, and the hundreds of thousands of products sold on the platform are all factory wholesale prices.

  • Retailers can purchase any styles with the flexible MOQ at the bulk price and enjoy the reliable low cost under equal quality.

  • Don’t need to worry about any purchasing issues, just select the required products and place an order. Quality, price, packaging, transportation, etc. FashionTIY can solve everything you need.

  • Flexible quantity and price intervals, one mixed batch and one-time transportation costs, not only can reduce inventory pressure but also benefit capital turnover.

  • Provide 30 days after-sales service, and all products damaged by non-human causes will be reissued free of charge.

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