3 tips to make your women's clothing store business better

The massive raging of COVID-19 has caused many physical industries to face a heavy test, especially for women’s clothing in physical stores. Therefore, during this time at home, it is better to study and analyze your own business model, and strive to accurately grasp customers after COVID-19! Here 3 tips to make your women’s apparel store business better.

The main ideas of women’s apparel operations in physical stores are as follows:

Precise positioning

This step mainly includes the accurate positioning of the consumer and geographic location to determine which type of women’s clothing is suitable for sale. It must not be greedy and obscure consumer positioning. This will lead to inconsistent styles in the store and messy styles, which is difficult to stimulate customers’ desire to buy.

Target customers 18-30-year-old women: This part of women has a greater desire to buy, and it is easy to follow the trend, but the consumption ability is not high. The lower price is easy to attract customers. For retailers far away from the urban area, this positioning and sales model is also the fastest way to open the market, and it is also my more recommended sales positioning.

For women whose target customers are over 35 years of age and have greater purchasing power, this group of women has strong consumption power, styles that are simple,and the quality of the goods is the most critical point. Most of the women’s clothing styles in this group have been fixed, and they have their own familiar wearing habits. Retailers can make targeted choices when choosing styles to ensure that each piece of clothing has an audience.

Selection of supplier source

This step is very important because the connection between the retailer and the supplier is a long-term cooperative relationship.

Wholesalers or first-level wholesalers are easier to find. They are usually supplied directly by the manufacturers, and the supply is relatively stable. But because they have more orders, the service inevitably lags behind. It is understandable that orders from large wholesalers are slow to deliver, but the biggest problem lies in the exchange of goods, which is often rejected or returned in unsatisfactory, and the payment is not refundable.

When encountering difficulties in cooperating with large wholesalers, they often turn to secondary wholesalers. Second-level wholesalers generally just switch from retail to wholesale. Since this kind of wholesaler has just started, there are no fixed wholesale customers and no reputation. The shortcomings of the second-tier wholesalers are also more obvious, that is, the problem of integrity. Therefore, before cooperation, it is best to explore the way through small order cooperation. After understanding the way of doing things and service attitude, then carry out large-scale cooperation.

Competitive price and stable product quality

How to get cheaper and better quality goods is an important part of opening a store. It will directly affect the profit and income status of retailers. However, due to the asymmetric information between the factory and the terminal sellers, it is difficult for most retailers to directly obtain high-quality, affordable, and cost-effective products. This is the original intention of FashionTIY, to provide more customers with a competitive advantage.

FashionTIY is a super supplier with a multi-category factory direct sales platform, dedicated to helping global small and medium wholesalers and retailers achieve low-cost procurement.

FashionTIY has signed direct sales agreements with thousands of factories, eliminating all intermediate links, and the thousands of women ’s clothing sold on the platform are factory wholesale prices, thus ensuring your lower wholesale prices.

Provide long-term after-sales service for up to 30 days, all products damaged for non-human reasons will be reissued free of charge. Let your purchases worry-free.

All products have passed the production quality inspection, primary quality inspection, packaging quality inspection, and then delivered to the logistics center for transportation.

For products of the same quality, the price of FashionTIY can save you 40% on average, so that you have more profit margins.

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The rest of the marketing part involves more content, and different positioning models have different sales methods. I will give you detailed guidance in the follow-up articles. I also hope that the retailers of offline women’s clothing will actively communicate. Make the women’s apparel business better and better.