FashionTIY Analysis - What are the 3 development trends of the clothing retail business in 2020 after COVID-19?

Today, due to the raging COVID-19, all walks of life have suffered heavy losses, and the clothing retail business is also under pressure. We cannot predict the future, but FashionTIY as the best online wholesale market for wholesalers and retailers is able to peek into some valuable insights in its cooperation with clothing retailers. It will help retailers stabilize their clothing retail business in future market development. The following are the 3 trend predictions about the future clothing retail business.

Despite the appearance of COVID-19, but 2020 is the beginning of a new decade, and it also means new hope for clothing retailers.

Use technology to drive profitability in the clothing retail business

In 2020, clothing retailers will use back-end tools to complete some key business, such as inventory and customer data management.
Reasonable inventory is crucial for clothing retailers. These technologies will act as supporters of “behind the scenes” to ensure that clothing retail stores have the right amount of goods at the right time. At the same time, clothing retailers can free themselves to do what they are good at, such as communicating with customers, other daily operations of clothing retail stores, etc.

Flexible online payment in the clothing retail business

Flexibility is still a keyword in the online payment field in 2020. Although cash and credit cards have not disappeared, consumers will continue to look for convenient and flexible online payment methods, especially for Millennials. Online payment will rapidly develop to the offline clothing retail stores in 2020. For example, 290,0000+customers in Australia and New Zealand use Afterpay. Millennials have the highest support rate for this online payment method that reaching 40.6%; This payment system allows consumers to choose to pay within a period of time, which also means they can choose to buy more products in clothing retail stores!

Online and offline integration of clothing retail business

Mature clothing retail mode means the integration of online stores and offline stores, and offline clothing retail can make up for the shortcomings of online clothing retail business. Especially because of COVID-19 which has greatly promoted the development of online clothing retail business. But it’s worth our clothing retailer’s attention that consumers are unable to actually touch the goods that greatly affect the shopping experience. In the future, offline clothing retail stores may be used as a place for consumers to experience, they can try clothing in advance to experience them, and payment on the online clothing retail stores. In the event of clothing quality problems, clothing retailers can also provide after-sales service. Of course, the new clothing retail business is still being explored and developed, but the arrival of new retail is beneficial to clothing retailers and consumers.

With the rapid development of clothing retail business, FashionTIY is also making continuous progress.

After years of development, FashionTIY has become more than an online wholesale market, we are committed to becoming a clothing retail expert around you.
Despite the impact of COVID-19, we will still do our best to overcome the difficulties and keep all aspects of the FashionTIY platform running smoothly

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The above is FashionTIY’s insight into the future development trend of the clothing retail business. FashionTIY will always be an ideal and trustworthy partner of all wholesalers and retailers.

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