Dear partners,

In order to provide you with better wholesale services, FashionTIY will carry out System and Service Maintenance Work at 2021-4-8 00:00 (New York Time).
At that time, we will suspend the service for 1-2 hours for system upgrades. Please know in advance.

Other Reference City Time:

Area&City Time
USA/New York 2021-4-8 00: 00
Europe/London 2021-4-8 05: 00
Europe/Paris 2021-4-8 06: 00
Australia/Perth 2021-4-8 12: 00
Brasilien/São Paulo 2021-4-8 01: 00

FashionTIY Never Stop Getting Better!

Update Content:

1.Multiple Languages

Added 100+ language support in addition to English, allowing you to easily solve language barriers during the use process.

2.Multiple Shipping Methods

Lots of cheap shipping methods will be launched in the future.

3.Improve User Experience

New UI and interactive design. Faster, simpler, and friendlier.

Keeping FashionTIY simple, convenient, and easy to use is always our goal. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to contact us.