During the COVID-19, where can l wholesale the masks and hand Sanitizers?

During COVID-19, masks and hand sanitizers were in short supply. Where can retailers wholesale personal protective equipment in large quantities? How can wholesalers and retailers seize this market opportunity? Logistics is interrupted, how should it be transported?

First of all, let me show you a set of data: the global demand for purchasing medical masks has grown by 13796%, the demand for hand sanitizer has increased by 7360%, and the gap in the US masks has been 315 million, up to 90%!

The WTO currently states that the demand for personal protective equipment such as masks is 100 times the normal level and the price is 20 times the normal level. The widespread and inappropriate use of personal protective equipment has further exacerbated this lack of conditions. Under the influence of this COVID-19, masks have become a talisman for people to go out, and the market demand has surged!

After reading these numbers, are you even more worried about where to purchase masks? Come on, introduce a good platform for wholesalers to purchase masks, sanitizer, safety goggles, etc.

Yes, as you guessed, this wholesale platform is FashionTIY. FashiobTIY’s stock of all masks, disinfectants, goggles and other personal protective equipment is very sufficient, so your wholesale quantity can be guaranteed! FashionTIY has no minimum order quantity. Under the same quality, wholesalers can enjoy the best price to maximize their benefits. What’more, the more you wholesale, the lower your purchase price and the more profitable you will be! In today’s world where masks are in short supply, it is really not easy to wholesale in large quantities!

Finally found a platform where a large number of masks can be wholesale, but will logistics be restricted? For wholesalers, logistics and shipping are indeed a headache. As we do not want to see, international logistics is largely paralyzed. Some cargo flights were also very tight, and Standard shipping by post in various countries is also temporarily suspended. Please do not worry, FashionTIY can still deliver the masks to you. Will FashionTIY be magic? NO, NO, NO. Because FashionTIY cooperates with DHL. During this special period, the two sides deepened the intensity of cooperation. Therefore, priority logistics will not be affected to a large extent. In addition, Sea Cargo transportation channels remain unimpeded. Under normal circumstances, the masks will be delivered to you about 3 weeks.

I believe reading this article will help your wholesale mask business. Letting people buy masks and doing personal protection is not only our business but also the best protection for their health. Let us look forward to the demise of this COVID-19. This day will come soon.

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