FashionTIY Analysis: What products Hot-Selling in the world after the COVID-19 of spring and summer 2020?

What are consumers buying in April when they are forced to change their behavior because COVID-19 can’t go to work/school/play outside? What is a hot-selling product? What will be the market trend in the future? If you are a wholesaler or retailer, come and follow the footsteps of FashionTIY, please read this article carefully so as to better understand the market conditions and accelerate the rapid development of your business.

Tops sell explosively, bottoms are bland

As consumers move to remote office and home isolation, clothing retailers have begun to promote tops, which has led to the sales of tops directly surpassing bottom wear in all clothing markets, even increasing from the same period last year.

Sales of tops increased year on year:

The United Kingdom ▲ 50%

Australia ▲ 48%

Germany ▲ 23%

Spain ▲ 16%

Italy ▲ 11%

The United States ▲ 5%

Due to the reason for remote working, the office dress is becoming more and more casual. Compared with last year, T-shirts, sweatshirts, and hoodies of this year are much more popular than the usual shirts and lady’s shirts.

In addition, due to people’s pursuit of comfort, the sales of bottom wear have also undergone a significant change. The demand for formal style pants, jeans and skirts have decreased, while shorts have remained unchanged.

Sales of the bottom increased year on year:

The United Kingdom▲ 59%

Australia ▲ 52%

Germany ▲ 30%

Spain ▲ 29%

Italy ▲ 25%

The United States ▲ 11%

Obviously, a casual sports style has become an established trend. During the entire COVID-19 period, casual clothing has always been the focus of retail sales, and tight pants and sports pants are also more popular than other bottoms.

As consumers gradually return to work, the company may relax its dress code. Although tailored uniforms and workwear will recapture the market, casual commuter wear will still have its place.

Since last week, the blockade measures have been relaxed throughout Europe, but people have become very accustomed to comfortable dressing up. Sports pants and tights are still selling in Germany and Italy. What does this mean? It shows that COVID-19 has cultivated people’s consumption habits to a certain extent, and this trend will continue after COVID-19. As summer comes, the “severely-hit areas” such as the United States and the United Kingdom are still dominated by indoor activities. People gradually start to pay attention to jogging shorts, and the demand for light and breathable fabrics will increase.

Home fitness is getting more and more “hot”

Since the gym is closed, the world is encouraging exercise at home, which undoubtedly adds another piece of firewood to the sports category that has been hot in the past two years. Since the beginning of 2020, sales of sportswear have increased in all countries/regions, with the overall percentage growth rates in the UK and Australia being higher.

Sales of sportswear increased year on year:

The United Kingdom ▲ 61%

Australia ▲ 42%

Germany ▲ 30%

Spain ▲ 21%

Italy ▲ 20%

The United States ▲ 5%

In addition to the aforementioned tight pants becoming a popular item, sneakers also continued their popularity during COVID-19. The sales of women’s sports shoes with “running” in the product description increased by 17% year-on-year in the United States and the United Kingdom.

After being fed up with the sullen life of the house, people cherish the days when they can go out to play and engage in outdoor activities. Therefore, after the unblocking, this popular trend will continue, hiking, camping, and cycling … This series of sports equipment is “hot” even after the end of COVID-19.

And we have noticed people’s interest in antibacterial fabric products, which is an opportunity for many sports outdoor equipment that has not yet been developed. Therefore, in addition to the main sportswear function that promotes moisture absorption and perspiration, you can also emphasize this feature to customers.

Personal care and beauty products may need to change sales thinking

According to data from lovethesales, in the three weeks ended April 22, the number of people searching for lingerie online increased by 42%. Except for the United States, Spain, and Italy, the sales of underwear in other regions have increased year-on-year. However, in the past two weeks, sales of bras have also increased in Spain due to the resumption of production of non-essential workers.

Sales of underwear increased year-on-year:

The United Kingdom ▲ 60%

Australia ▲ 31%

China ▲ 22%

Germany ▲ 21%

Spain ▼ 25%

Italy ▼ 20%

The United States ▼ 19%

Homewear successfully promoted the sales of pajamas, and retailers promoted comfortable fabrics for pajamas, gowns, and slippers as a selling point.

Sales of pajamas increased year-on-year:

The United Kingdom ▲ 56%

Australia ▲ 46%

China ▲ 12%

Germany ▲ 8%

Spain ▲ 12%

Italy ▲ 14%

The United States ▲ 2%

Due to the closure of the beauty salon during the COVID-19, beauty retailers began to use their daily spa and DIY beauty tips as selling points. In terms of personal care, soap, wet wipes, and hand sanitizer are undoubtedly sell explosively.

Moreover, the mask can’t be removed for a while, and beauty retailers also need to adapt to this change and focus more on eye makeup, such as mascara, eyeliner, and eye shadow, rather than lipstick and highlight. When promoting foundation, you can use “do not take off makeup” as a selling point, because masks can easily stain the entire makeup. In addition, portable hand sanitizers and hand creams also deserve attention.

Easy-to-accept pricing is important

As the home time becomes longer, many of the sales explosively are made by people “free”, especially homeware and electronic products. According to data from market research company NDP, in the United States, the search for home games on Pinterest increased by 1863%, while the sales of DIYs such as cross-stitch and diamond painting increased by 240% in the United Kingdom. In the entire market, there is a strong demand for entry-level household products, and most of the hot style range from $ 10 to $ 20.

According to the report of the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, in the United States alone, nearly 16 million people have been unemployed in the past three weeks. Uncertainty about the economy and income will inevitably affect people ’s consumer confidence. Therefore, in a longer period of time in the future, Products with low prices and excellent quality may make you win in the future.

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