How to stay safe from COVID-19 in public places?

Despite the implementation of the “home isolation order”, people still inevitably need to go out. Going to the supermarket to purchase, take the subway or taxi, what measures should be taken to better protect yourself?

At present, COVID-19 is becoming more and more serious. Although many countries and regions have begun to restrict people from going out, there are still many people who will inevitably enter or work in public places. What should be done for such epidemic prevention work? ? What should we do to stay safe from COVID-19 in public places? Maybe these items can help you be safer.

Mask / Safety goggles

When going to public places, hospitals, and public transportation, you must wear masks and safety goggles. Because the virus mainly enters through the respiratory tract, nasal cavity, and eyes. Therefore, masks and goggles are essential.

Disinfection wipes

It is best to bring two packs of tissues when you go out, one is dry and one is wet. Door handles, elevator buttons, etc. should be disinfected with wet wipes first, and then wiped with dry paper towels to ensure safety.

Disposable gloves

Of course, if you feel it is very troublesome, you can go directly with disposable gloves. However, please note that after returning home, be sure to disinfect the gloves before throwing them away.

Hand sanitizers / Ultraviolet sterilizer

After returning from a public place, wash your hands with hand sanitizers or soap running water, or use a non-cleaning hand soap containing alcohol. Then put your jacket, handbags, and shoes under a UV sterilizer for disinfection. This will ensure the health of you and your family.

All in all, it is better not to go out at present. If you have to go out, you must take the above protection measures. Life belongs not only to yourself but also to the family.

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