Wholesale Summer Fashion: NEW and HOT Products Update Weekly on FashionTIY

Summer is coming! Are you up on this latest craze in fashion circles 2020 summer? NEW and HOT products already put on the shelves in FashionTIY! Let’s Stay stylish and Wholesale fashion with FashionTIY!

  • Wholesale Butterfly Trend on FashionTIY
  • Jewelry Wholesale Market low to $0.14 on FashionTIY
  • Wholesale Summer Sandals Slippers Collection on FashionTIY

Wholesale Butterfly Trend on FashionTIY

Regarding the 2020 summer trend, we have to mention the butterfly element!

As the best online wholesale market, FashionTIY has always maintained its sensitivity to fashion markets.

Therefore, FashionTIY put 200+ butterfly element products on the shelves timely this week. Including long & short dress, tight tops, shorts, bikini, various earrings, necklaces, and other jewelry, as well as accessories such as mobile phone shells and scarves. Each product attracts beautiful ladies’ attention.

To save your precious time and cost, FashionTIY implements a one-stop service all the time. You can choose multiple products to place an order together. We support mixed batches, one-time payment, one-stop packaging, and one-time shipping, one order can solve everything!

Wholesale Price: $0.59- $9.99.

Jewelry Wholesale Market Low to $0.14 on FashionTIY

As always, the new jewelry on the shelves has maintained high quality and low wholesale prices. In addition to the hot butterfly elements mentioned above, FashionTIY has extra added 500+ pieces of jewelry, the style is different from the past. These updated earrings, bracelets, rings, necklaces, and other jewelry styles have a more summer feel and are more suitable for matching with swimwear and long skirts!

For small items like rings and other jewelry, the wholesale quantity will be higher in comparison, but FashionTIY differs from other wholesale platforms in that the more your wholesale quantity, the lower the corresponding wholesale price. Therefore, the flexible price range and wholesale quantity maximize your business interests.

Wholesale Price: $0.14- $1.55.

Wholesale Summer Sandals Slippers Collection on FashionTIY

Summer is so hot, it’s time to put on cool and beautiful slippers and sandals!Whether it’s slippers for home, sandals for the beach, or shoes for a party. The wedge heel, flats, high heel, flip flops, various styles, about 300+ new summer footwear on FashionTIY update weekly that can always meet market demand and can be found here.

As for the quality, please don’t worry at all. All shoes just like other products on FashionTIY must pass to strict quality control. Only after they are fully qualified and will be packaged and shipped.

Wholesale Price: $1.49- $7.99.

Join us now and you can enjoy a $15 discount with the coupon code: wholesale 15.For more NEW and HOT products, please feel free to visit www.fashiontiy.com and contact us via Message on app or Email (tiy@fashiontiy.com). We will reply to you within 24 hours.