Which product sales soared during COVID-19?

Affected by COVID-19, people’s daily life has changed, and their consumption behavior has also changed. As a retailer, you should always maintain a keen sense of market opportunities. FashionTIY sorted out the products with higher sales volume in March according to the sales data, and how the current retailers choose the purchase channels safely and effectively, firmly grasping the market opportunities to obtain profits.

As the COVID-19 spreads worldwide, more and more countries are asking people to “stay at home.” New York State recently extended the “stay at home” order to the end of April. In the days of stay at home, people’s shopping needs are obviously different from the past. Under COVID-19, the sales of these products increased significantly.

A report by FashionTIY, a one-stop wholesale platform, reveals which products are more popular in the United States. Judging from the online transaction volume, compared with the same period last year, home kitchen, fitness, office and other categories of goods increased the most in March this year. FashionTIY makes the following simple classifications for most of the best-selling products:

1.Personal health products: disposable gloves (+ 670%), hand sanitizer and disinfectant, masks,

2.Kitchen & home products: baking tools (+ 652%), eggbeaters, dishwashing supplies, laundry supplies, household cleaners, storage boxes, disposable waterproof toilet seat covers,

3.IIndoor sports: weight lifting exercise (+ 307%), fitness equipment, yoga equipment,

4.Electronic appliances: infrared thermometer (+ 182%), portable smart hangers dryer rack, rechargeable epilator, gamepad gaming controller,

5.Pet supplies: training dog/cat toy (+ 172%), pet game flying discs, potty training supplies, pet donuts beds,

6.Office supplies: portable projection screen curtain (+ 162%), charging lighting adapter, keyboard & mouse,

Take indoor sports as an example. The gymnasium is temporarily closed, forcing people to exercise only at home. At present, many markets around the world have shown a continuous increase in sales of sports equipment. The unprecedented popularity of indoor sports products, some sellers began to urgently look for suppliers of related products. However, according to a seller’s feedback, he asked the factory a month ago and learned that the order has been scheduled until May, and some even to June. Another seller said:“that the order for indoor fitness products has been arranged in July. Many factories no longer accept orders. More importantly, if we need to wait in line in June or July, we basically miss this wave of business opportunities.”

As a result, many sellers found FashionTIY for help. FashionTIY has launched a professional program to help retailers and wholesalers worldwide find reliable manufacturers in China, India and other places during the COVID-19. Now, many sellers have received products after placing orders on FashionTIY.

“In this special period, many factories have either closed down or have to wait a long time. But purchasing on FashionTIY, I just need to pick the suitable product, and then place the order. Quality, price, packaging, transportation, FashionTIY has solved everything I need. A week ago, I have received products from FashionTIY. The quality was the same as the previous product, but the price saved by 40%. I am already a loyal customer of FashionTIY. “ A customer from Portugal said.

Yes, during COVID-19, FashionTIY still received orders and shipped normally as before.

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