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Wholesale Trendy Earrings

These earrings that new on the shelves are really beautiful, the style is more abundant than before. Metal earring, stud earring, hoop earring, clip earring drop&dangle earring, tassel earrings, etc. Each earring is a hot style in spring and summer 2020. The wholesale price of 900+ style earring is between $ 0.25- $ 3.25. You can choose multiple earrings to place an order together. FashionTIY supports mixed batch, all products in one-stop packaging, and transportation, one order to complete the payment.

Wholesale Women Swimwear

Last week, It is already full of people that only 20 minutes after reopening of Florida beach, it

resulting in a substantial increase in sales of swimwear. One-piece swimwear, two-piece bikinis, men’s and children’s swimwear, etc. You can find any style swimwear you want on FashionTIY. In addition, there are fashion accessories such as sunglasses and hats. The wholesale price of 1000+ styles swimwear is between $ 2.25- $ 7.25. Flexible price range and wholesale quantity maximize your interests. For example, if you purchase 1-5 piece swimwear of this style, the wholesale price is $ 4.88. But if the wholesale quantity is 〉36 piece, the corresponding wholesale price is only $ 3.17, the more wholesale quantity, the lower the corresponding wholesale price.

Wholesale Fashion Dress

Summer in the northern hemisphere is coming, the fashion dress is also on the shelves timely on FashionTIY. Long-sleeve dresses, knit dresses, ruffle dresses, print dresses, wrap dresses, off-the-shoulder, maxi dresses, mini dresses, etc. Up to 2000+ styles.The wholesale price of 2000+ fashion dress is between $ 1.95- $ 8.63. For products of the same quality, the price of FashionTIY can save you 40% on average.

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