How to wholesale during COVID-19? FashionTIY provides better wholesale services for wholesalers and retailers.

Although COVID-19 has brought us a lot of business losses, FashionTIY as the best B2B online wholesale market always insisted on providing the best wholesale services to wholesalers and retailers during COVID-19!

Recently, the whole world has been shrouded in the shadow of COVID-19. People’s lives are being threatened by viruses. Normal life in many areas is difficult to continue. Various retail shops and restaurants have ceased business one after another. Businesses have been hit to varying degrees, especially wholesalers and retailers. This is the darkest moment in the whole world. But dawn always comes.

According to past experience, after every major disaster, the consumer market will usher in a wave of strong retaliatory consumption. This is the best chance to make up for the economic losses during the COVID-19 for wholesalers and retailers. And it is also the only chance to counterattack for our wholesale and retail business. Now is the best time to actively prepare for the recovery of consumption, one step faster, each step to win.

All wholesale services are running normally in FashionTIY during COVID-19

In order to solve wholesalers and retailers’ wholesale problems during the COVID-19, after many times of coordination with the factory, FashionTIY finally reached a consensus: during the COVID-19, the produce, stocking, logistics of all products and other wholesale and retail services are running normally in FashionTIY!

FashionTIY is a wholesale platform that professionally serves wholesalers and retailers. Using a self-operated model similar to Amazon that solves all problems in the daily wholesale process for wholesalers and retailers, such as on-site procurement, quality inspection, packaging, home delivery, after-sales, even customize and develop products. What needs wholesalers and retailers to do is select products and place orders through our PC mall or APP (Android / iOS).

FashionTIY’s main business categories include: fashion clothing, jewelry, accessory, beauty, bag, shoes, home&garden, wedding&party, etc of women, men, and children.

The core wholesale services provided by FashionTIY

  1. FashionTIY provides 100,000+ of sales products in the self-operated model. Wholesalers and retailers don’t need to be cumbersome and complicated to find a specific factory, we do it for you.

  2. All your products will be packaged and delivered to your home by logistics after strict quality inspection. FashionTIY provides flexible logistics methods, and all logistics information can be clearly tracked in real-time.

  3. Lower price. While ensuring product quality, through a long-term cooperation agreement with the factory, FashionTIY wholesale prices can save you 40% on average compared to other platforms.

  4. Timely customer support. If you have any questions about wholesale or products, please contact us at any time.

  5. Super long after-sales service. FashionTIY provides a long-term after-sales service period of up to 30 days, and all products damaged by non-human causes will be reissued free of charge.

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During the COVID-19, the produce, stocking, logistics of all products and other wholesale and retail services are running normally in FashionTIY!