FashionTIY Warm Tips: How can retailers and wholesalers avoid bad suppliers?

Bad suppliers are very annoying to every wholesaler and retailer. But please don’t worry, FashionTIY will help you! Here we mainly list 3 typical bad supplier types to help you identify and stay away from them.

  • Accepting rebates or bribes from manufacturers

  • Serious lack of integrity

  • After-sales service is unsatisfactory

There is content that every retailer and wholesaler cares about very much. You may have heard the dark side of many suppliers, such as accepting rebates or bribes from manufacturers, which will make buyers more confused when choosing suppliers. Now, I will introduce the common bad suppliers below. So that you can avoid it.

Accepting rebates or bribes from manufacturers

If the buyer and supplier reach a consensus on product prices and information transparency at the beginning of the cooperation, the supplier still demands a rebate from the manufacturer, which will be illegal/immoral.

For example, suppose you now get two equal prices from supplier A and supplier B. If the manufacturer provides a rebate to the supplier B, then regardless of whether B’s product quality is good, the manufacturer may choose B. Then you may encounter the following situations:

  • The products you received do not meet your quality requirements or products that do not meet certification requirements in the market, so they are illegally bought or sold.

  • If there is a dispute about product quality, your supplier will not stand by you or defend your interests but is more likely to defend the manufacturer for various reasons.

Compared with 4-5 years ago, the current rebate phenomenon is much less, especially in the daily necessities industry. Because retailers and wholesalers can directly find suppliers through many channels, such as FashionTIY and other B2B online wholesale websites. They can make a comprehensive comparison on their own, and then weigh whether the price of the products provided and the service are reasonable.

Serious lack of integrity

The most important thing in doing business is integrity, but there are still many suppliers who can’t do this. For example:

  • Not delivered on the specified date, always delay time.

  • Not received the promised freebie.

  • Can’t track the logistics information even the package has been shipped.

Please note that retailers and wholesalers must stay away from suppliers with no integrity.

After-sales service is unsatisfactory

Good after-sales service can make your entire procurement process very easy, but if you encounter unreliable after-sales, it is really annoying.

  • Not timely reply to messages or emails, or the response time is too long.

  • Doesn’t provide return service when receiving the product has quality problems.

  • Poor service attitude.

Therefore, good suppliers play an important role in supply chain management. In addition to helping you get competitive product prices, they are also committed to the follow-up process, because quality service is the core competitiveness of their business model.

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The above are the three typical types of bad suppliers. Retailers and wholesalers please keep away from them. FashionTIY will always be the most trusted cooperative supplier in your business. For more information about wholesale and products, please visit