FashionTIY TIPS: Shipping from China to the USA? 7 things that Clothing Wholesalers should know in 2020!

If you want to develop your own online retail clothing business, then cross-border import business should be part of your strategy, especially imported wholesale clothing from China. Please following FashionTIY and keep in mind these 7 points, this very important for your clothing wholesale business!

  • Customs Clearance

  • The Impact of the COVID-19 on Shipping from China to the USA

  • The Logistics Method of Shipping from China

  • Prohibited Items

  • Potential Delivery Issues

  • Carrier Opening Hours and Holiday Shipping Deadlines

Customs Clearance

Customs Clearance is one of the biggest obstacles that shipping from China to the USA. If it is not handled properly, clothing wholesalers may find themselves having to pay an additional fee, or worse, the clothing or other goods that you wholesale will be detained by customs and delay delivery. Let ’s take DHL as an example, FashionTIY is also a major customer of DHL. DHL is a global carrier, handles millions of goods worldwide every day, so they came up with a way to make these procedures a breeze. The DHL customs team has a deep understanding of all the different regulations you may encounter and can provide a lot of guidance to simplify this tedious task.

Here’s a step-by-step guide of dealing with DHL customs paperwork:

  1. First, clothing wholesalers have to make sure that you use the official DHL paperwork.

  2. Use the appropriate trademark or incoterms that are used internationally for the trade or shipping of goods.

  3. Accurately write the complete information of the sender, including their full name and address. You’ll also have to add a VAT number for commercial shipments.

  4. Next, provide all the necessary receiver information, including a full name, address, and phone number.

  5. Fill out the waybill and print it.

  6. Next, clothing wholesalers need to provide the relevant shipment information such as the number of pieces included and the shipment weight.

  1. Clothing wholesalers also need to give a complete and accurate description of the goods.

  2. Then, enter the appropriate commodity or harmonized codes.

  3. Enter the country of origin of each item.

  4. State the value of each item.

  5. Calculate and state the subtotal of each item type.

  6. Now enter the total value of the whole shipment.

13.Clothing wholesalers also have to provide a reason for the export.

  1. Remember to write what type of invoice you’re creating, a pro forma or commercial invoice.

  2. Finally, provide a complete declaration with your name, date, and signature.

The Impact of the COVID-19 on Shipping from China to the USA

The current COVID-19 pandemic has made many industries completely stalled. Import clothing from China has also suffered a huge impact. International trade and shipping are the most affected, and many countries have adopted extensive preventive measures to prevent the virus from continuing to spread. Due to government restrictions, most courier companies have not yet fully restored many international shipping routes, and suggest delays or cancelations in many operating routes. Therefore slow transport will definitely affect the time shipping form China. Another very important thing is that 80% of the clothing or other products you wholesale on FashionTIY are shipped from China. But lots of factories have not recovered 100% of their production capacity, which will cause us to spend more time and energy to prepare products for you. For more information about Shipping from China during COVID-19, please visit Services During COVID-19 in FashionTIY.

The Logistics Method of Shipping from China

When you import clothing from China and shipping wholesale goods from China to the USA, you should also consider the shipping method and logistics companies, because it determines your shipping time and shipping costs. Sea and Air Cargo are the most commonly used shipping services and FedEx, DHL, and UPS are the 3 major cooperate international logistics companies in FashionTIY.

FashionTIY provides two shipping methods for you: Standard Shipping and Priority Shipping. Standard Shipping takes more time, but lower prices, and usually via ePacket/Airport Mail, etc.

The Priority Shipping takes less time, but a higher price, and usually via DHL/UPS, etc.

You can find more information about Shipping And Tracking in FashionTIY.

Prohibited Items

Various countries restrict the entry of different items. The same is true for import clothing from China. As such, you should consider individual countries’ restrictions before sending your shipment to ensure that you aren’t breaching their guidelines for prohibited, restricted, or dangerous items.

Clothing retailers should be aware that if one of the countries that your shipment passes through has restrictions on the items, they will ground your shipment for an indefinite period. This alters express ground shipping time, as well as other courier companies’ standard shipping times.

You can refer to the Prohibited items Guide for each logistics companies as following:

[DHL - Prohibited Goods / Hazardous Shipping]( Items )

FedEx Ground - Prohibited items

UPS Guide for Prohibited items and Hazardous Materials

Potential Delivery Issues

Delivery issues may affect the USA and international shipping times. To avoid delays caused by delivery problems, clothing retailers should keep track of logistics information at any time. This service can provide detailed information about the status of your shipment or take pre-emptive measures to ensure delivery.

Another attention point is affected by the current COVID-19, logistics companies began implementing contactless delivery. So after receiving the tracking number form FashionTIY, please pay attention to the progress of the logistics, and keep in touch with the logistics company to ensure that the package will be received safely.

Logistics Opening Hours and Holiday Shipping Deadlines

How long does shipping from China to the USA, and how do the logistics companies’ opening hours and deadlines affect this? Great question. Different logistics companies have their own operating hours and deadlines for holiday deliveries, and this can significantly affect shipping time estimates. To avoid unnecessary delays, take note of your specific logistics companies operating times, and avoid shipping your items too close to significant holidays to avoid longer shipping times.

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